Gluten-Free Menu 7-1-12


I always think that summer will be a relaxing time, but it usually turns out to be quite busy.  It’s a good thing that many summertime meals are quick and easy.  That means I don’t have as many pictures and recipes for you though.

French Toast with Fresh Fruit – I had a loaf of Rudi’s cinnamon raisin bread in the freezer that needed to be used.  It made delicious French toast that even the gluten eaters enjoyed.


Hamburgers with Chips and Salad – Served on Kinnikinnick buns for the gluten-free eaters.

rice and quinoa pilaf

Grilled Chicken Breasts, Rice & Quinoa, Zucchini & Onions (recipe to come later this month).  I brined the chicken for about 30 minutes before grilling.  My grill ran out of gas half way through cooking the chicken so I finished it off in a skillet.  It had grill marks on one side and still tasted like grilled chicken.

Green Bean Scramble is a variation of my Zucchini Scramble recipe.  I’ll be sharing the new version tomorrow.  It makes a filling low carb meal by itself, but for those who really want the carbs, toast goes great with it.

Slow Cooker Short Ribs & Rice.  I don’t have a recipe for this one.  I had short ribs from our grass fed beef, but they are not something I would cook otherwise.  The ribs are too fatty (even though grass fed beef is much more lean) for our tastes.

Leftovers and Salad.  We didn’t have pizza this week because only two of us were home for dinner and we were both headed out the door soon after eating.  We ate leftovers and salad.

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