Gluten-Free Menu 4-1-12


I don’t menu plan most weeks, but I like to share with you what we had last week.  I think menu planning can be very helpful, especially if you’re still figuring out the gluten-free diet.  Here are a few ideas for your menu this week.

I simply can’t remember what we ate last Sunday, and since I didn’t post it on Facebook I can’t go back and look.  Here is the rest of the week.

Slow cooker beef and green beans served over rice.  This is an old favorite recipe that I’ll be sharing with you some time.

Roast chicken and French fries.  I forgot to pick up potatoes at the store, so I opted for frozen French fries with this meal.  I did remember to brine the chicken before I roasted it.  It turned out nice and moist.


I roasted two chickens and used the second one in chicken tetrazzini with broccoli.  This is a great meal that my family enjoys, though it’s not as good without Parmesan.  To make it dairy free I used coconut oil instead of butter and omitted the Parmesan cheese.  I did serve cheese on the side so dairy eaters could add some to theirs.

pizza slice

I made my single crust pizza this week but doubled the recipe.  I used water rather than almond milk which makes it a bit crunchy.   My gluten-free son is trying a dairy free diet.  He wasn’t too impressed with Daiya cheese substitute.  Real cheese is still too fresh in his mind.

Both the beef and green bean and the chicken tetrazzini recipes made a lot of food.  We ended up eating leftovers two nights.

I spent a lot of time last week working on a couple of Easter treats.  I’ll be sharing one here tomorrow and the other at Lifetime Moms later in the week.

I also baked muffins using a new mix that I’ll be reviewing along with a giveaway on Tuesday.

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