Gluten-Free Menu 3-11-12


If you are looking for gluten-free menu ideas for this week, here are a few you might like. While my week was busy, I did have time to play around with recipes which I have missed doing recently.


Breakfast Casserole is something I don’t make often because I don’t usually have extra gluten-free bread on hand.  However, this recipe is great for using bread flops which I happened to have.  I’ll tell you about the bread flop and a second flop related to this recipe on Tuesday.

Rice, Spinach, and Bacon Casserole – This is a new recipe that I’ll be sharing with you soon.

Beef & Mushroom Gravy with Rice – Another new recipe I’ll be sharing soon.

Dinner at Outback Steakhouse was a treat for my husband’s birthday.  Gluten-free son and I both ordered the ribeye steak and really enjoyed it.  I asked them not to use butter when cooking the steak.  My sides were a house salad without the cheese or croutons and mixed in a clean bowl, and a plain baked sweet potato.  We brought home leftovers which is always nice.

For his birthday cake, I used Pamela’s chocolate cake and frosting mixes.  It saved me a little time versus making it from scratch, and it was very good.

The taco salad included a tossed salad topped with taco seasoned ground beef, canned corn, avocado, tomatoes, and cheese (for some).

My son has reacted to Fritos but does okay with Aldi brand corn chips.  I need to look for an organic non-gmo brand, though.  Any suggestions?

biscuit crust pizza

Biscuit Crust Pizza is an easy pizza that I find my self turning to more and more.  Everyone enjoys it.

orange question markWhat did you eat last week?

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  1. says

    We had pizza last week too, I tried the cauliflower crust pizza with BBQ, chicken and caramelized onions as toppings. It turned out wonderful!

    I also make a deconstructed cabbage casserole that was fantastic. I’m working on this weeks menu right now and getting ready to post it!

    I actually have some GF bread in fridge I need to use, I should make the breakfast casserole, that sounds good! Thanks!

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