Gluten-Free Menu 2-26-12

Menu Plan 2-26-12

I took dessert when we had dinner with friends last week.  I didn’t get proper pictures taken so I will have to make it again before I can share it with you.  I will say it was delicious and everybody liked it.  One friend said it was too good.

Here are a few of the other meals we had:

Spanish Rice with Sausage

Chicken Parmesan – Everyone in my family always enjoys this meal, but we had a single guy eating dinner with us one night last week who particularly liked it.  In fact he had seconds later in the evening after the food had been put away.

Meatloaf & Potatoes

Fish Sticks – I didn’t actually make sticks this time, I used fish fillets.  I also tried crushed potato chips as a coating, and the family loved it!

Biscuit Crust Pizza – This is the recipe I use when I want to make a relatively quick pizza.

Green Beans Almandine – One of my kids does not like green beans, but he’ll eat them when I serve them this way.

Rice & Quinoa Pilaf – My kids aren’t terribly fond of quinoa, but when I mix it with rice and cook it in chicken broth they like it better.  This week I tried black quinoa and liked it.

Here are a couple of things I baked this week:

Yellow Cake

Baked Oatmeal

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  1. says

    Crushed potato chips for breading for homemade chicken tenders/nuggets, fish sticks, etc. are the best. :-) It’s fun to see what your family has been eating, Linda!


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