Gluten-Free Menu 11-17-12

Gluten Free Menu 11-18-12

Monthly Gluten-Free Menu

You can still download the November gluten-free monthly menu.   It is free for anyone who subscribes to my blog via RSS or email.   You will find the link near the bottom of each post in the email or feed reader.

The menu includes dinner main dish ideas for each day.  There are also lists of a few alternate main dishes, side dishes and desserts.  One page contains the menu with links to the recipes, another page has no links for printing.

Weekly Gluten-Free Menu

I cooked a bunch of chicken last weekend and used it in meals at the beginning of the week.

Salad topped with Chicken, Smoked Salmon, and Egg – We made large salads and used up vegetables and protein that we had in the refrigerator.

Mexican Casserole and Raw Veggies – Most of my Mexican casseroles use ground beef, but this one uses chicken.  I omitted the cheese to make it dairy free.

Taco Soup and Salad – I still had chicken to use, so I made this soup with chicken rather than ground beef.

Salmon, French Fries, and Broccoli – I baked the salmon and the fries on a night when all the boys were home.  It’s a favorite dinner.

Crock Pot Roast Beef, Rice, Salad, and Fruit Salad – I honestly just threw a large chuck roast in the crock pot with a little water and seasoning.  I didn’t have time to add vegetables, but fixing rice and salad later didn’t take too much time.

Leftover Roast, Mushrooms and Salad – I was gone all day and got home exhausted at dinner time.  I sautéed mushrooms in coconut oil, chopped up the leftover roast beef and heated that up with the mushrooms and served it with salad.  It worked.

Split Pea Soup – Using a pressure cooker is the only way I will make split pea soup.  It’s soooo much faster.

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