Gluten-Free Labeling: Sign the Petition

Although the Food and Drug Administration told us they would finalize a gluten-free labeling rule by the end of September 2012, that did not happen. 

The gluten-free community is taking their request to a higher level and petitioning the White House.  There are two days left to sign the petition, and although the goal of 25,000 signatures has been met, every signature is still very important.

I hope you will add your signature if you have not already.  Every voice counts!  Signing the petition does require that you create an account at the White House site.  It’s an extra step, but it is worth the short amount of time that it takes.

After you enter your email address, be sure to look for the confirmation email and click the link within that email.  Then you need to click on the “Sign the Petition” button.  You have not added your signature until you click that button.

For more information, visit the American Celiac Disease web site. 

Sign the Petition Now


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  1. Rachel Dursi says

    Why is the US so backwards that we can’t do what the majority of European countries have already done for people with diseases?

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