Gluten-Free Ingredients S-Y

Gluten-Free Ingredients
This is the final post in the mini series, Gluten-Free Ingredients .  The series  highlights  ingredients that are usually gluten free.   I am highlighting less common and “little” ingredients in this series and will not be covering the wide range  gluten-free flours and grains.

I have created a printable version of this series in a four page PDF document.  The first two pages contain the list of ingredients with the explanations.  Page three contains a two column list of the ingredients only and page four contains a three column list on half a page.

You can download the list here:

Gluten-Free Ingredients


The following ingredients are considered gluten free unless otherwise noted.

Spices – Single ingredient spices are gluten-free.  Sometimes silicone dioxide is added and it is also gluten free.

Starch – Unless the source is specified, starch is made from corn and is gluten free.

Sodium Benzoate – A preservative.

Sodium Nitrate – A preservative.

Sodium Nitrite – A preservative.

Sodium Sulphite – A preservative.

Sorbic Acid A preservative.

Sorbitol – A sugar.

Sulfites – Often used as preservatives in dried fruit.

Vanillin – Used for flavoring.

Vinegar (except for malt vinegar) – Distillation removes any existing gluten.

Whey – A milk protein.

Xanthan Gum – An ingredient commonly used in gluten-free recipes as a binder.

Xylitol – A sweetener

Yeast (except for brewer’s yeast) – Mostly used as a leavening agent.

Note: I’m not saying that these ingredients are good for you, just that they are gluten free.

Gluten-Free Ingredients A-B

Gluten-Free Ingredients C – G

Gluten-Free Ingredients H – N

Reading Labels

If you’re new to reading labels, see my series:

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