Gluten-Free Ingredients S-Y

Gluten-Free Ingredients
This is the final post in the mini series, Gluten-Free Ingredients .  The series  highlights  ingredients that are usually gluten free.   I am highlighting less common and “little” ingredients in this series and will not be covering the wide range  gluten-free flours and grains.

I have created a printable version of this series in a four page PDF document.  The first two pages contain the list of ingredients with the explanations.  Page three contains a two column list of the ingredients only and page four contains a three column list on half a page.

You can download the list, by subscribing to The Gluten-Free Homemaker either by RSS or email (it’s free).  If you are already subscribed, then you’re good to go.

Next, go to the bottom of the RSS post or email, just below the ad, and look for the small link that says, “Gluten-Free Ingredients.” Clicking that link should direct you to the PDF.

The following ingredients are considered gluten free unless otherwise noted.

Spices – Single ingredient spices are gluten-free.  Sometimes silicone dioxide is added and it is also gluten free.

Starch – Unless the source is specified, starch is made from corn and is gluten free.

Sodium Benzoate – A preservative.

Sodium Nitrate – A preservative.

Sodium Nitrite – A preservative.

Sodium Sulphite – A preservative.

Sorbic Acid A preservative.

Sorbitol – A sugar.

Sulfites – Often used as preservatives in dried fruit.

Vanillin Used for flavoring.

Vinegar (except for malt vinegar) Distillation removes any existing gluten.

Whey – A milk protein.

Xanthan Gum – An ingredient commonly used in gluten-free recipes as a binder.

Xylitol – A sweetener

Yeast (except for brewer’s yeast) – Mostly used as a leavening agent.

Note: I’m not saying that these ingredients are good for you, just that they are gluten free.

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