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For some time I’ve had a personal Facebook page, and while a few of my friends from the blogging world are my friends there, most of them are family and friends who I see face to face.  I’ve decided to keep that as a personal page, and I doubt most of my gluten eating family and friends want to hear about my gluten free blog recipes and ramblings.  That’s why I created The Gluten-Free Homemaker Facebook fan page!

I’ll be posting links to any new blog posts as well as other updates.  I’ve decided to remove the “What’s for Dinner” widget from my side bar since I’m having trouble remembering to update it.  However, I hope to post “What’s for dinner?” updates on Facebook and would love for you to comment with what you are having for dinner.  Facebook is also a place where we could get some discussions going, so please use the link below to become a fan.  I really consider you friends, but for this type of page they use the word fan.  What can I do? 

You can go to this page and become a fan or click on the button in my side bar.

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  1. Heather @CeliacFamily says

    I've had the same thoughts about Facebook. I've been meaning to set up a fan page for months, but still haven't gotten around to it. You just may be my inspiration for doing so.

  2. Lauren says

    Thank you for reminding me about this – I've been meaning to get one, and now I do! Yours looks great by the way =D.

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