Gluten Free AND Healthy

Gluten-Free AND Healthy

I’ve lost almost 40 pounds in the past 14 months. That’s pretty big news. But I didn’t start out trying to lose weight. I was trying to get healthy. As my friend Toni says, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired (see her story here).

That’s why I’ve titled this series Gluten Free AND Healthy. Being gluten free doesn’t necessarily equate to being healthy. It’s a step in the right direction, especially if you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, but it’s not always enough.

I’m not here to say that now I’m perfectly healthy and I have all the answers for you. I’m still dealing with adrenal fatigue, but I do believe that I am healthier than I was, and what helped me might help some of you.

I’m also not here to say that what works for me WILL work for you. We’re each unique individuals with unique bodies. But what works for me might work for you, or it might lead you down the path to what works for you.

Finally, I’m not here to say that you should look like me weight wise. A healthy weight can be different for different people.

I AM here to say that you can make changes. I’m 48 years old and going through menopause. I have celiac disease and Hashimoto’s. Yet I was able to change my habits and lose weight. I was able to increase in strength, energy, and health.

So, I hope over the next few weeks to share with you the changes I made and what helped me. But first I want to talk about two things that helped me before I got started.

Wanting It Bad Enough

Many of the changes I made were things that I knew for some time I should do, but they seemed too challenging. I had to want it bad enough in order to overcome the fact that it was hard.

I wanted to lose weight, but I didn’t want it bad enough. I never had problems with weight until I developed Hashimoto’s thyroid disease in 2006. Since that time I had done nothing but gain, but I wasn’t interested in yo-yo dieting.

It was my health that finally got me to make changes. It seemed there was always one thing after another that got me down, but at the time, it was recurring bladder infections. I had been to doctors, I had tried everything. I was desperate. Something had to change.

It turns out that my bladder problems were related to menopause and lack of estrogen (who knows why the doctors I saw didn’t know that, but I finally went to my gyn). But by the time I figured that out, I had made enough changes for enough time that I kept going. I was losing weight and feeling stronger and healthier.

Role Models

Besides really wanting to make a change, it helped me tremendously to see the difference getting fit make in my friend’s life. She too lost weight, but that wasn’t her goal either. She just started going to the gym to get in shape, then she started making healthier eating choices.

I knew it wasn’t easy for her, and she was really busy (she has 7 kids, homeschools, and runs a successful blog). The fact that she set her mind to getting healthy encouraged me to do it too.

That’s probably the biggest reason why I want to start this series. Maybe I can encourage some of you to make the changes you know you need to make to be gluten free AND healthy!

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. I just was diagnosed with Celiacs and anorexia and have gained 40-50 pound since being diagnosed. So I am having such a hard time rapping my fingers around the anorexia and the add Celiacs when I hate almost all foods. I feel like I need to find a mentor. Thank you again for the insight. Cindy

  2. Cathy Raymonda says

    I’m 49 and have been battling with the exact sand things you do. I want so desperately to get better!

  3. Sherrie says

    I’m looking for ward to reading this series. I see a naturalpath and she has helped me a lot but I still have a recurring skin issue. Maybe something you post in this series may help me. I also want to convert my husband to a healthier life style.

  4. Michele says

    Enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing. Gluten makes me have terrible Inflammation in my feet, ankles, hands, knees & back.
    What I Really need is a 30 day dinner menu made for me. After the first 30 days I can start over & do the same diet again.
    I’ve had Thyroid & Breast cancer. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. Type2 Diabetic. On 6 BP pills a day & other meds. I need help. I’m slowly dying & I’m only 51 yrs old. I’m happy for your success.

    • Jeni says

      You and me both. I struggle just as much now as ever. I also have hypothyroidism and it hit the same time as the gluten showed up.

    • johanna says

      i went glutenfree like you and started to gain weight!!the rice was taboo for me.i’ve been seeing a nature pathic doctor who tested my food sensitivities ,so now i know which grains to avoid, and being dairyfree made me loose 2 lbs a week 😉

  5. Beverly Ackman says

    It is nice to hear that I have hope, I to have celiac and thyroid disease. I am still fighting the weight gain and I am not succeeding so with your story it makes me want to try harder. Thank you.

  6. says

    I’m so happy for you Linda! I know you are going to inspire a lot of people with this series.

    My boyfriend and I are trying to be as healthy as possible after my breast cancer, so we decided to start eating organic. We believe this is the key for anyone trying to regain their health.

    The more we read about what is in our food supply, the more we understand the importance of going organic. It’s very likely that many of our society’s illnesses are being caused by insecticides and chemicals in our food.

  7. Jessica says

    Looking forward to this series. I’m also 48 with celiac and back and forth with weight. I’m not a “bad” weight, but very out of shape. I think the “desire” is my problem, I’m kind of at a point where I just don’t care about anything sometimes. Need to get healthy and fit. and yes, you look great! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Terri says

    Thank you for the encouragement to get healthy. My problem is not weight gain but weight loss with the stomach issues related to celiac as I get very little nutrition from my food. I am down from 119 to 115 now and do not look good. I am hoping obamacare is defunded, but at the same time if it stays, my boss will buy health insurance for me and I can begin getting blood tests and food allergy tests. But doctors do not know everything (and some know absolutely nothing about health and preventive-measures), and we all have to do what Linda does and read and pay attention to symptoms and be detectives for our own health. All of our problems are related to the GMO food and the pesticides and processing that goes on. Only people who are raised from babies eating organic do not have as many issues and it is still difficult in todays world to avoid all contaminants. I am tired of being tired also and trying to do something, but have run out of things to try besides the strict organic and GF diet I am on. After the rapture we will not be bothered with such things.
    And – Yes – congratulations – you look great!

  9. says

    I too have gained weight on gluten free diet ( not by choice). If you can shed some light on that, you will be a life saver.

  10. says

    You are so encouraging! It’s such good advice to remember that we are all unique, too. But, I must say, much of what you mentioned applies to me in one way or another. I’m looking forward to more in this series!

  11. Mary says

    I just started gluten free and am shock at how calorie dense the food is. I also feel like I’m not getting any protein. Would love suggestions!

      • julie says

        I’m making changes to my diet,I have crohns,and a dairy intolerance I have started to eat gluten free foods.I’m not keen on the bread.but I will be making changes,good luck to everybody

  12. Joyce Cuccia says

    I am gluten free. But what I think I should be is Paleo. Any GF person can loose weight never eating any grains. Yes ? Don’t we just have to stick to veggies and protein ?

  13. says

    Hi Linda–I just realized I never left a comment on this first post in your series. I can personally attest to how great you are looking these days, especially how much healthier and more energetic you are than last summer. It’s terrific that you are going to share your journey with all your readers. I’m really looking forward to it! Love the photo of course! :-)


    • says

      Thanks, Shirley. I think you commented on Facebook. It’s nice to have another blogger who can verify that I’m not just making this up. (Not that anyone thinks that.) :)

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