Gluten-Free Food Gifts

Gluten-Free Food Gifts

The holidays are just around the corner, and later this fall I would like to do a series of posts that highlight ideas for gluten-free food gifts.  In order for the series to be a success, I need help from YOU (blogger or not).

What It’s About

Gluten-Free – All gift ideas must be gluten free.

Food – The gifts must use food but don’t necessarily have to be edible gifts (think facial scrub or oil candle).

Gifts – The focus is on food that can be given as gifts, so gift wrapping ideas are welcome.

How to Participate

Bloggers – Post your gluten-free food gift on YOUR BLOG and submit your link using the Blogger Submission Form.  Ideas featured on The Gluten-Free Homemaker will include a photo and brief description of your gift idea with a link to your blog.

Old posts are welcome and can be submitted now.  If you post new gift ideas on your blog later, you can submit those links where they’re live.

Non-Bloggers – If you have a food gift to share with everyone, but you don’t have a blog, you can submit your recipe/instructions using the Non-Blogger Submission Form and then email a photo to me.


I will probably start this series some time in November.  It depends on how many submissions I receive in advance.  I’m also not sure if it will be a weekly feature or if I’ll post two or three per week.  Again, it depends on the participation.

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  1. says

    Hehe. And again you read my mind. As I was finishing up my last blog post for the week, I thought about how they’d make good gifts. I shall definitely be doing this. I’d love some more ideas so I’ll enjoy seeing what other people come up with.

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