Gluten-Free Fall Specials

Gluten Free Fall Specials2(2)

Today I have a guest post at The Daily Dietribe.  Iris, the author, is a wonderful person and I always enjoy reading her blog.  If you are not familiar with it, here is what Iris says about her blog: 

The Daily Dietribe was born out of a realization that I had more to share than I knew. I write about my gluten-free journey, and about the ups and downs of living this new lifestyle. But I also write about food as a recovering binge eater, as a weight loss consultant, and as a registered dietitian to be. My goal is to share healthy gluten-free recipes with you, but also to be honest about my relationship with food. It’s a love affair really. And like any affair, it is complicated, passionate, sometimes healthy, sometimes obsessive, occasionally irritating, but always a joy.

Iris is preparing to move, so she has arranged a series of guest posts this month with the theme of Gluten-Free Fall Specials.  My post today includes my granola bar recipe and breakfast tips.  I hope you will stop by.

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  1. gfe--gluten free easily says

    Such honest, compelling words from Iris. I love her and her blog! So glad you got your post in early to take the pressure off me due to "issues." :-) Going to check it out now!


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