Gluten-Free Easter Menu & Last Week’s Menu

Here’s what we’ll be having for Easter dinner today:

Easter Menu Plan

I haven’t cooked ham in the slow cooker before, but that will work best for me so it can cook while we’re at church.  The roasted red potatoes and green beans almandine are pretty easy to prepare.  The trifle I have made once before and it was delicious.  I will be sharing that recipe with you next week.

Here is what we had last week:

Olive Garden – I have eaten from their gluten-free menu twice and and twice I have ended up not feeling good afterwards.  I didn’t have clear gluten reactions, but I also took enzymes with the meal which really helps with symptoms.  I probably won’t be eating there again.

Easy Chicken Divan – I had cooked chicken that needed to be used. I made this dairy free by using almond milk in the cream soup and omitting the cheese.

California Pilaf – I cooked it in the slow cooker this time and the rice turned out a little mushy, but it was still good.  It cooked pretty quickly.

Favorite Chicken Breasts and Asparagus Soup – The soup is something I’ll be sharing at Lifetime Moms next week.

hamburger spinach quiche

Hamburger Spinach Quiche – This is a crustless quiche recipe, but I made it with a crust using my multi-purpose pastry dough.  Both recipes make enough for two quiches.  I omitted the cheese and used almond milk.  I was a little short on ground beef so I added an extra egg.  It was delicious!  My 15 year old was amazed that something so good was gluten and dairy free.  My oldest son thought I should sell it.

Pizza – I used a pizza crust mix that I will be reviewing and sharing with you in the future.

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