Gluten-Free City Guide – A Great Resource

If you travel in the U.S. and often wish you had more gluten-free information about the cities you travel to, you now have some extra help.  Gluten-Free City Guide provides a map with links to gluten-free information for over 100 cities.  The author, Zach says,

“Placemarks have been added to cities where Celiac Disease Support Group Web sites and/or Gluten Free Blogs specifically about those cities exist.”

Although the site itself does not give you gluten-free information about those cities, it does give you links to sites where you can find information.  Support group sites and city related blogs often have information about restaurants in that particular area as well as other information that may be useful.  I’m sure this map will be a time saver for many.  Thanks Zach!

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  1. jh says

    Wonderful resource! It is hard to know where to eat when traveling, which restaurants will be sympathetic to a gluten-free need etc. This is definitely bookmarked for me!

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