Gluten-Free Bread That Will Turn Your Head

A few months ago I bought a bread machine. While reading “Gluten-Free Living” magazine I realized that I had not kept up with changes in the world of gluten-free bread. There was an article on bread machines explaining how many even have a gluten-free setting. I ended up with a Breadman machine and have been very happy. I prefer making things from scratch rather than using mixes, but so far I haven’t found a recipe that comes close to Pamela’s wheat-free bread mix (the package also states that it is gluten-free).

It must be Murphy’s Law that you can make something a dozen times and it turns out great, but when it really counts, it’s not up to par. I suppose some Olympians are feeling that way too. So keep in mind as you look at this picture, that this is the worst loaf I’ve made, and still it looks and tastes good. What sets it apart from the recipes I have tried is that it stays soft for days! It could be the sweet rice flour in it. Some time I will get around to experimenting and will let you know the results.
a loaf of gluten-free bread
I have a few suggestions for using this bread mix.

(1) Add about ½ teaspoon extra of instant yeast

(2) Stay near the machine (it also has directions for mixing by hand) for the mixing part and occasionally use a spatula to scrape the sides and corners.

(3) As soon as mixing stops and rise starts, remove the paddle. This isn’t necessary, but I prefer not having the hole in the middle. I use a pair of tongs to do this. It is a bit messy and you lose a little bit of dough, but try to put as much of it back in as you can and then smooth the top.

(4) As soon as it is done set the machine to bake only for another 10 minutes. You can also program the machine to use a longer bake, I just haven’t done this yet.

If you have found any recipes that stay soft for a couple of days, I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. glutenfreeislife says

    I have a question for you. We make the Pamela’s bread as well and love it. Both DS and I are gluten-free. When you are saying that it stays for days, do you mean on the counter, outside of the fridge? I have always put it right in the fridge after it cools b/c I am afraid that it will turn gross and with the cost of GF bread, I didn’t want to waste it. DS would be thrilled if I could leave it on the counter for his school lunches. I have been toasting refrigerated bread and letting it cool before making his sandwich to pack his lunch.


    BTW, I can’t wait to try your pizza dough. I have been using the Pamela’s bread mix for our dough and while it is good, I would love to make my own.

  2. TheGlutenFreeHomemaker says

    Yes, this bread can be kept on the counter and stays good for several days! It’s perfect for lunches. Let me know how the pizza turns out.

  3. glutenfreeislife says

    I will try to leave out on the counter next time.

    The pizza turned out great. I posted about it on my blog this week. :)

  4. Anonymous says

    Thank you for this recipe. I am excited to try it as I also have a Breadman Machine that my mother gave to me as a gift. I have only used it once however because the gf recipe that came with the machine was not that great.

  5. Anonymous says

    Quick question….what setting on the bread machine did you use? I have the Breadman Bread Machine and it has a gluten free setting, but the last time I tried it I ended up with very dense bread (used a homemade recipe). Which setting do you suggest? Thanks!

  6. Linda says

    For this bread I usually use the white bread rapid cycle. I think that's what it's called. It's a little over 2 hrs. Your dense bread could be due to the recipe, though. Try using more starch and less rice or whole grain flour if you want to lighten it.

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