Gluten Free Amazon Sales 5-11-13

There is no Surfing Saturday post this week.  Instead, here are a few gluten-free products on sale this month at that might interest you.


Glutino Crackers

I have reviewed Glutino products in the past, and most recently their Sea Salt Crackers.

Until May 31, 2013, you can get 15% off Glutino Products on Amazon

Bare Fruit

Bare Fruit

I was sent a package of Bare Fruit cinnamon apple chips to try out, and boy do I love them!  The name says it all.  The ingredients are organic apples and organic cinnamon.  The apple slices are dry and crunchy.  They’re a fun snack that I’m sure kids would enjoy too.

Get 15% off Bare Fruit on Amazon

Miracle Noodles

I had heard of these noodles, and being on a low-carb diet was interested in trying them.  I was recently sent some to try out.

Miracle noodles are made from the soluble fiber of an Asian plant.  They come in fettuccini, angel hair, and rice varieties.  The difference is simply the shape.

The noodles are packaged in water. To prepare them you rinse well, then blanch in boiling water for a minute.

I noticed a slight fishy smell when I drained the noodles, but the noodles themselves didn’t have any flavor.  They take on the flavor of sauces quite well, however,  I didn’t particularly care for the texture which was rather rubbery.

If you are cutting calories and really want to eat pasta, Miracle Noodles are worth considering.  They’re also another way to get more fiber in your diet.  Soluble fiber makes you feel full, helping with weight loss.  It also helps to lower bad cholesterol and regulate blood sugar.

This month get 15% off Miracle Noodles on Amazon.

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