From the Ground Up Review & Giveaway

From-the-ground-upFrom the Ground Up is a home-based gluten-free bakery in Vermont.  They use sorghum, millet, buckwheat and brown rice in their products (some of my favorite flours), and their products do not contain starches.

Everything is produced in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen and their flours are certified by a local food testing laboratory.

So of course I was happy to sample their products.  They currently sell online the individual flours I mentioned above as well as a pancake/waffle mix, muffin mix, premade zucchini bread and mandel bread (a biscotti-like treat).  They are working on crackers, and the ones I tasted were very good.

What did we think of the products?

The fact that they are made with whole grains and no starches is reflected in the end product.  I really like the whole grain nutrition and flavor.  They are a little heavy and slightly gritty, but I wasn’t surprised by that.  My family liked everything.  Here’s the breakdown.

Zucchini Bread – This is a small loaf. It has good flavor.  It’s just moist enough to not be dry, but dry enough to keep it from molding too quickly.  It is a little crumbly.

Mandel Bread – It’s hard to describe, so you’ll just have to try it.  It is very similar to biscotti—a little sweet, and somewhat hard.  It was a bit crumbly too.

Pancake/Waffle Mix – I made pancakes.  I didn’t get a picture of them, but they were dark in color, probably because of the buckwheat flour in them.  They tasted good.  I really didn’t expect them to turn out very well without any starch, but they were great.  My family enjoyed them.

Muffin Mix – They were a little heavy, but we like a hearty muffin.  They are good for breakfast and snacking.  One package makes 12 muffins.

Where to Buy:  If you live near them, you can pick products up locally, otherwise you can order online.


The Giveaway:  From the Ground Up will send three winners a muffin mix, pancake/waffle mix, and zucchini bread.  The giveaway is limited to US residents. 

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  1. Sonia C says

    As someone who is new to being Gluten Free, I am always interested to learn about new products that are safe for me. For the last year, I have been trying to orient myself to the world of living without Gluten. I must admit I have not made many attempts to bake, but these products inspire me.

  2. Carole says


  3. Cindy W. says

    I subscribe to your blog via email. Thank you for all the information and recipes you share with us – and the giveaways are a nice bonus. (:

  4. says

    This sounds wonderful. I am going to pass this along to my sister and a friend that have to eat gluten free. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Meghan says

    It’s not quite whole-grain, but I’m a big fan of almond flour. I usually mix it with some rice flour to lighten up the texture just a bit.

  6. Lara says

    I subscribe to your blog via email, and would love to try the products. Thank you for the opportunity w/ the giveaway!

  7. KimH says

    My favoite whole grain flour is rice flour I think. I dont have a slew of experience with many other whole grains besides wheat, which Im highly sensitive to..

    All those products look wonderful.. and personally, I prefer a nice heavy loaf of bread, cake, cookies, & muffins than their fluffy counter-part. I never did understand others obsession with it.

  8. ColleenB says

    I’m interested in trying these products; one of my issues with going GF has been the higher glycemic index of products usually substituted for wheat, especially white rice. I’m trying go more whole grain GF, which has been a big challenge. : )

  9. says

    My favorite whole grain flour is currently brown rice flour because it makes a delicious baby german pancake that puffs up just like it’s gluten laden counterpart! I was so happy with the outcome.

  10. Valerie says

    I would love to sample these gluten free products. Thanks for the opportunity to win from the ground up baking mixes.

  11. Marci Chang says

    I follow you on Facebook and I just liked From the Ground Up on Facebook. I use rice flour the most but I like the versatility of sorghum too.

  12. says

    I subscribe to your blog. I would love a chance to try these mixes-they look wonderful. :) I bake alot with almond flour-have experimented with some teff as well. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  13. says

    Good Morning Linda,

    My favorite GF flour is teff. It is hearty and full of vitamins and minerals. I would love to try From the Ground Up as I have heard nothing but great things about the company.

  14. Megan R says

    “whole grain” hmm.. not sure I understand. but the flour mixture i used most contains tapioca, white rice, brown rice and sweet rice flour. :)

  15. Kathy D says

    I enjoy reading your emails and just want to thank you for trying new products and recipes and then posting your opinion. I, too, would like to win your giveaway so please put my name into the “hat”. My “go to” flour mixture is rice/sweet rice/sorghum and tapioca starch.

  16. Brandae says

    I’ve enjoyed a bunch of different flours – using almond the most frequently – but I really like how sorghum behaves in baked goods. What a great opportunity to try something new – thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Kathleen Benner says

    I already subscribe to the Gluten Free Homemaker daily e-mails!! :)

  18. Suzanne says

    Buckwheat is my favorite flour. I actually like how baked items come out dense without the starches. Would love to win one of these prize packs.

  19. Shari Hegland says

    Still haven’t done a lot of experimenting with gluten-free flours yet, but I do like heartier breads, so whole grains sound great to me!

  20. Jenny says

    I suscribe to your blog. I am just learning about Gluten Free and have not learned much about grains. I do buy gluten free noodles. Thanks for the info and a chance to win. Sincerely, Jenny

  21. Pat says

    I too like the whole grains. I use a lot of sorghum and brown rice flour. Would sure like to sample the products From the Ground Up. Sounds good.

  22. Phyllis Mueller says

    I would love to try the products! I haven’t tried too many different grains yet and need to branch out a bit!!

  23. Blue says

    My favorite whole grain flour is buckwheat flour, although I have recently discovered sorghum and love it as well.

    It’s great that these products are made without starches, as I have been trying to reduce the amount of starches that I use while still having good gluten free baking results, which isn’t easy.

  24. PAT says

    These products sound as though they have plenty of flavor and I love the fact that the products will not crumble like other GF products.

  25. Lorraine says

    Just wanted to thank you for your e-mails to which I subscribe. I have Ulcertive Colitis and wheat flour bothers me along with dairy products. I have used some alternative flours without gluten, but the flour I like the best so far is Spelt. I believe it does have some gluten in it, but it doesn’t seem to bother me. I didn’t know much about it when I first started using Spelt, but it has helped being on the internet and having that resource. Thank you for your recipes and the time you take to blog about living gluten free.

    • says

      Hi Lorraine. You’re very welcome. You are right that spelt does contain gluten. It is a wheat hybrid, so you won’t find any recipes here that use it. I’m glad you find my emails helpful!

  26. Erin Lembke says

    We like millet flour for the delicate sweetness. I am already an email subscriber too.

  27. Jess McCarthy says

    Buckwheat flour is my favorite whole grain flour; I like almond flour, too.

  28. Sharon says

    I use brown rice, sorghum and millet all the time so they are my favorites. I’d love to try these products. They look delicious!

  29. says

    My favorite whole grain flour is millet, because it is less costlier than sorghum and can be used in everything I bake.

    I clicked ‘LIKE’ on ‘From the Ground Up’ on Facebook

    I am already a subscriber to this blog.

    I tweeted this giveaway – @glutenfreesista

  30. says

    Maybe my previous comment was not correct…
    My favorite whole grain flour is millet, because it is less costlier than sorghum and can be used in everything I bake.

  31. Jerrie Ann Walters says

    I’m new to this whole gluten free thing and I’ve not found a “favorite” flour yet. I love your blog – it has helped me soooo much!
    learning….Jerrie Ann

  32. Kathleen Conner says

    I used to make my own bread, but haven’t done anything like that since I became GF. it would be nice to try it again, even with a mix.
    I think rice flour is my most useful flour.

  33. Susan says

    Only recently I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, so eating gluten free is a HUGE change for me. I would love to try some gluten free products because this is going to be a life long way of eating for me. I don’t know what my favorite whole grain flour is because I haven’t baked anything yet. I need help!! Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Susan. I know it can feel overwhelming at first, but it won’t be long before you have it all figured out. Take a look around my site using the links at the top. You’ll find informational articles and recipes to help you out.

  34. edoho says

    I have also recently started a gluten-free diet for health reasons and baking has been a challenge for me. Finding the right combination of the different flours available and the correct sweeteners. Thank you for sharing these ideas, I look forward to making them in the future!

  35. Karin Goodman says

    Would love to try their products. I am a diabetic and have celiac disease. The fact that they have no starches sounds amazing.

  36. Maria Meyer says

    Not sure which is my favorite whole grain flour, only just discovered I am g/i back in October and am still trying stuff out.

  37. Melissa Wills says

    Still finding my way too new gf products…haven’t tried Ground Up yet, but would like to try it.

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