1. sally upton says:

    I have really enjoyed your information. I am allergic to wheat, I only found out 3 years ago and it’s been a real learning experience. Any help I can get is truly appreciated!!

  2. Jim Dodson says:

    My Grandson is going to be going the gluten free route so this site will help.

  3. Ann Hyland says:

    I recently tested positive for Celiac – one of the first “finds” a friend bought me was a package of these crackers. I loved them! Great little snacks like these made me realize that I wouldn’t have compromise on flavor.

  4. I just started a gluten free diet recently and it is over whemling trying to find foods you like. I has wasted so much money on items I do not like so your blog is a godsend. I would love to win the ThinkThin bars.

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