February’s Clean Kitchen Update

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February’s challenge is to clean your range or cook top and oven.  I got a start on mine last weekend.

First, I wiped out the oven and started the clean cycle.  I used a two hour cycle because it wasn’t very dirty.  After it finished and cooled, I wiped again to remove the ash that is left from the cleaning.

While the oven was cleaning, I worked on a couple of other things. My smooth cook top is cleaned regularly in order to avoid build up, so that wasn’t on my to do list.  I started with the controls which are on the back of the stove.  I removed the knob and washed them thoroughly, then washed the whole surface behind them.  Simple Green proved to be useful for the job.

stove - dirty knobs
stove - clean knobs
I also removed the drawer that is under the oven and emptied it’s contents.  There wasn’t much that needed to be removed as far as what I keep in there, but the drawer itself did need a good cleaning.  Then there was the matter of the floor under the oven.  I started sweeping up the dirt when I remembered to take a picture for you.

stove - dirt under
Still to be done:
I cleaned the area under the stove, but I’m still hoping my husband will help me pull the stove out this weekend.  I do not have spill guards between my counter and stove, and I’m sure there is some cleaning that needs to be done there.

Also, I want to work on cleaning the oven window.  I’ve always hated the way oven windows get dirty and have found them difficult to clean.  Many times, the offending dirt is inside two pieces of glass and can’t be accesses without taking the door apart.  I finally gave up some time ago on have a perfectly clean window, but this one can be improved with a little work.

stove - dirty door
blue question mark
Have you made any cleaning progress this month?

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  1. sophiesfoodiefiles says

    What a lot of work, cleaning out the oven!! Good for you!!

    I started cleaning out the appartment a bit, every day throwing things away, put stuff into boxes. Because we just baught our Dream house! We will move in at the 1st of July 20111! Yeah!

    Keep up the good work, Linda!

  2. laxsupermom says

    I don't remember the last time I cleaned under the range. To be honest, I'm a little scared what I might find under there. Don't you hate the oven door glass conundrum? I can't stand the way they get dirty and are almost impossible to clean properly. Thanks, Linda, for getting my butt in gear with cleaning.

    Congrats sophie, on buying your dream house!

  3. Lynn says

    Oh your oven window looks just like mine 😉 I always wondered how you were supposed to clean in between the two pieces of glass. Great job on getting the inside of the oven clean, though. You get extra credit for tackling that job!

  4. Anonymous says

    Glass oven doors should get a scrubbing with baking soda on a damp cloth every time you use the oven. No, I have never had one, but the baking soda also works on chrome – like toasters – without scratching the finish. ~ Margaret

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