Euforia Gluten-Free Cakes Review & Giveaway

Happy New Year!  I trust that everyone had a safe new year’s celebration.  I’m looking forward to blogging and interacting with you in the year ahead.


If you’re like me, you’ve probably never heard of Euforia all natural thousand layer cake, but it definitely intrigued me.  1,000 layers?  Each individually baked?  That’s impressive.

Euforia makes a regular and a flourless gluten free cake.  I was very skeptical of the gluten free status given that they use regular flour in their other cakes, but they do take precautions and their products are independently tested to less than 5 parts per million gluten.  Here’s what they said about manufacturing:

“The gluten-free cakes are made in the same facility/on the same equipment as gluten-containing products.  However,  the GF cakes are produced on dedicated days when ONLY the GF products are prepared. We do a thorough cleaning/sanitation of all surfaces and equipment on the days in between the gluten baking days and the gluten-free days. Also, the volume of product we make with gluten is very small compared to the quantities of gluten-free product.”

Unfortunately, these cakes do contain butter and milk so I did not taste them, but the rest of my family sampled them.  The cake comes in individually wrapped slices.  It is available in vanilla and spice flavors.

The cake was moist, I could see that.  My family preferred the spice flavor.  Vanilla seemed plain to them.  They thought the cake was good, but not great.  Being a flourless cake, it has an eggy sponge cake taste and texture to it.

I really wish I had been able to taste them because my family is not good at critiquing finer foods.  That’s what these cakes are.  They are probably not something you would buy to have for your child’s after school snack.  They would be perfect for accompanying  coffee or tea while you chat with a friend.

Where to Buy:  You can order from the Euforia website.  If you use the code “euforia1k” (no quotes) you will receive $5 off any cake purchase.  You can also but from Amazon.  A box of twelve small cake slices sells for about $30.


The Giveaway:  Euforia is giving away one box with 12 slices of their gluten-free cake.  You must be a US resident to enter.

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  1. Blue says

    I’ve never heard of Euforia, but the thousand layers sound interesting. I wonder if their cakes are made similarly to the German “Baumkuchen” (which is one of my favorites). This sounds likely, since the origins are Dutch(-Indonesian), according to the website.

  2. Autumn says

    I have never heard of Euforia, but I am always looking for great gluten-free treats.

  3. sandra g says

    I never heard of these little cake slices before but for a quick dessert idea I think these would be nice…I think its wonderful we gluten free people are getting so many choices these days… life gf is good!
    And thank you for a great site for us to come to………
    Happy New Year to all…

  4. Christine B says

    I had never heard of Euforia before this post. Their flourless cake sounds intriguing and I’d love to try it.

  5. Lori Blum says

    I have not heard of Euforia before, but will be very interested in trying their cakes!

  6. Beth Pechumer says

    I have never tried Euforia and would love to have some GF treats in the freezor when the rest of the family is having a treat… I subscribe to this blog thru your e mail and love getting them. Happy New Year

  7. says

    I have never tried or heard of Euforia and would love to have some GF treats in the freezor when the rest of the family is having a treat…I subscribe to this blog thru your email and love gettting them. Happy New Year

  8. Mary Wikle says

    I would love to try their cakes. It is always fun to find new products.

  9. nosogirl says

    I have never heard of euforia. But their product looks good and I would be willing to give it a try!

  10. Catherine Agnes Roebuck says

  11. says

    Euforia….Interesting name! No I have not heard of it, though I would like too. It looks like a special desert for my friends and I :o)

  12. Terri says

    These may taste as good as Linda’s baking or my baking or others that bake at home!!! Even if they taste good, they are out of my budget. I am too cheap to buy cake when I can bake it myself. Even before being GF, I refused to eat grocery store bakery cake (gross), or box mixes, and I am not saying these would be like that – there are MANY higher-quality bakers out there both GF and not (not at groc store chains where they use beet sugar (gross)). I would like to try this Eufoira cake and see why it is so pricy.
    Happy New Year everyone!

  13. sanja says

    My daughter is on special GF/CF diet due to Autism and food sensitivities. She doesn’t like many store bought GF cakes, maybe she would like this?

  14. sanja says

    Never heard of Euforia, subscribed to your blog via E-mail, and liked them on FB, told them you sent me.

  15. Christine Robinett says

    I couldn’t find what their “flourless” GF version is made from. I assume “flourless” only means the absence of gluten grains and not truly flourless as in made from almond, coconut, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth flours. I can’t eat any grass grains or legumes so couldn’t begin to entertain the though of sampling.

    • says

      Here is the list of ingredients on the web site: eggs, butter, sugar, flour (not used in flourless version), milk, fragrant spices/vanilla, salt. I believe the gf version is truly flourless.

  16. Karen Diskin says

    These cakes look yummy!! I also have “liked” their FB page. Need to research more on how to taste these.

  17. LeAnn says

    I am interested in these cakes as I am struggling with baking with gf fllour. I subscribe via email. I will be checking out their website. Always interested in finding new gf products to try. Thank you.

  18. Ilene says

    I’m very new to a gluten free lifestyle, but I feel the difference in my health (and pain is subsiding)! I look forward to reading more of your blog and learning about products like Euforia!! Thanks!

  19. Helemarie Reavis says

    Cake! Did you say cake. I’ve never heard of this company, but if they are baking cake, I would love to try some. I sure do miss some good cakes.
    Gonna love receiving your emails! Thank you!

  20. Rachel Blom says

    I’ve never heard of Euforia but I’m always interested in trying new GF products :)

  21. julie says

    I would love to try the cakes, I have never heard of this brand but I love finding new favorites

  22. Pat says

    No I have never heard of Euforia cakes before, but sure would like to try them.

  23. Colleen M. says

    Have not heard of this brand before but am always intersted in trying new GF products – especially sweets!!

  24. Dee Amick says

    I subscribe to your blog via RSS. Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to publish an informative and beautiful blog.

  25. Cara Goedecke says

    I have never heard of Euforia before, but it looks really interesting!

  26. Erin Lane says

    I’ve never heard of Euforia before, but now you’ve got me curious.

  27. Shari says

    I have never heard of this brand but would love to try it. I find it hard to make or buy items that live up to my standard of taste and texture. Maybe this is will be close :>)

  28. christine says

    I would have to call the company and verify they mean absolutely flourless in their GF versions as I can’t eat any grains. I’d hate to spend all that money to find out there’s been a misunderstanding over what “flourless” means. I just recently had to clear my cupboards of al the products with grass grains and legumes and it was an expensive purge on top of buying replacemnt items: all baking supplies like almond, coconut, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth flours.

  29. Christine says

    I gave never tried any of the Euforia products, but would love to!

  30. christine k. says

    Never heard of Euforia before. would love to try it!

    I subscribe to your blog thru email now

    and I will share on my facebook!

    Thank you!!!

  31. Sarah F says

    I had not heard of Euforia before but I’m going to check them out now!

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