Dynamo Dog Treats Review and Giveaway


I’ve asked before if your dog is gluten free, but here’s another question.  Is your dog grain free?  Some of you might be wondering why you should even consider a grain free diet for your dog.

I’m not going to address all the possible advantages, but I do know that some dogs develop allergies to grains.  I’ve introduced you to my two dogs, Emma and Esca.  In recent months Esca began licking his paws a lot.  I switched him to a grain free dog food and the licking has almost completely stopped.

I think one reason it didn’t stop completely is because I was still using some dog treats that contained grain.  So, I was very happy to receive an email from someone at Cloud Star about their Dynamo Dog Functional Treats which are grain free, gluten free, soy free, and all natural.


Cloud Star is a small, family owned company who for more than a decade has been baking all natural, low allergen treats right here in the USA. I have used their Itty Bitty Buddy Biscuits for years as training treats, but they are not grain free.  However, they do now offer two types of grain free Buddy Biscuits—oven baked and soft and chewy.

The Dynamo Dog Functional Treats are all soft and chewy.  My dogs have given them a try and like them!  In the picture at the top of this post, they are not turning their noses up at the treats.  I commanded them to “leave it,” so they were waiting for my permission to eat their treats.  I’m not sure if the sun was just too bright for them, of if they simply found it easier to be patient if they weren’t looking at the treat!

Emma did start to get a little impatient, though.  She’s my real food lover, and this exercise is a challenge for her if I make her wait very long (such as when trying to get a good photo).


So I quit taking photos and told them “Okay!” and the treats were quickly gobbled up.  They have our approval.

Connect and Buy

You can connect with Cloud Star online at these links:

You can buy Cloud Star products online here:

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The Giveaway

    One winner will receive a variety pack of Dynamo Dog Functional Treats for your furry friend to enjoy.
  • This giveaway is limited to U.S. residents 18 and older.
  • One entry per person.
  • Enter by leaving a comment on this post telling me if you have tried any Cloud Star pet products.  (Please do not send an email.)
  • The giveaway begins May 14, 2013 and ends on May 18, 2013 at 11:00 pm eastern time.

No purchase is necessary.  Odds of winning are based on the number of entries.  The winners will be randomly chosen and will be contacted by email.  The winners will have 24 hours to respond.  If the winner does not respond, a new winner will be randomly chosen.

Disclaimer:  I was provided with free product to sample, but was not paid to write this review. The opinions in this post are my own.

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  1. Carrie Elsass says

    I would love to try Cloud Star with my 2 dogs, but haven’ yet. Our older dog is completely blind,but treats are an important part of her happiness and quality of life.

  2. gina carr says

    I would love to try these treats for both our dogs… I often think they like gluten free foods better… they are always “attacking” my husband for his gluten free foods :)

  3. says

    Hi Linda, I’m not entering the giveaway, but I did want to say how adorable your dogs are and how well behaved, having met them “in person.” :-) I also wanted to add our experience on the benefits of dogs living grain free. That made a HUGE difference for our collie, Sonny. He used to be in the vet’s office all the time with ear infections, constant licking and biting issues, and more, but going grain free has resolved almost all of those issues. It seems that many dogs are also allergic to chicken, so we’re using a grain-free food now that only contains salmon, fruit, and veggies. It’s working! :-)

    Good luck to all!

  4. Mama Marilyn says

    Although I live in Canada, and therefore cannot enter the contest, I would like to forward a website and 2 recipes for treats that our two Afghans and our two miniature longhair Daschunds, as well as our daughter’s Bernese Mountain dogs all love to gobble up!

    Gluten-Free Doggie Treat Recipes That Are Truly Gluten-Free

    I came across this great article and Sandy was nice enough to let me share it with you all. For those of you who have a dog with a Gluten allergies this is a must read and the recipe I made was a hit with my guys!
    Here are also links to other articles she’s written about gluten-free cooking or you dogs so don’t forget to check those out too.

  5. Amy J says

    We have not tried these treats but are always looking for grain free treats that are not made in China!

  6. Paula says

    I love to give my doodle all natural treats, because she is so deserving. I like that Cloud Star is a small, family-owned business and I will look for these treats at my local pet store (also a small, family-owned business!), but I would love to win the samples to try out first. Thank you!

  7. Mariah Mahon says

    I’ve never tried any Cloud Star products. But all three of my dogs are completely grain free. Being on a grain free diet has completely cured one of our dogs of spay incontinence.

  8. Cindy W. says

    I have not tried this brand of dog food and treats. Thank you for the giveaway.

  9. Lynn Miszewski says

    I have not tried this brand of dog food or treats. I do think he is gluten free because he gets gas when he eats regular treats and food. To keep the air fresher in our home, I pay the extra and go gluten free for him too. :)

  10. Chris says

    I have not tried any Cloud Star products but would love to. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Pat J says

    I have not tried the Cloud Star products for our dogs, but would love to. Thank you for the giveaway.

  12. Susan W says

    My dogs love Cloud Star treats. I have to older dogs with joint issues and have not found the hip and joint treats at the store. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Angela H. says

    Thank you for introducing us to the Cloud Star products. I’m all for the smaller family run businesses and never feed my babies anything not made in the US. My 2 dogs and 3 cats are 100% grain free and their health has never been better. Dogs went grain free out of necessity, due to my daughter’s super sensitive celiac. I adopted the cats 6 months ago, all special needs, FIV positive and having a grain free diet has improved everything, from their coat to how often they get sick ( by the way I checked the Cloud Star website, they also have grain free treats for cats ~happy mom here~). Finding grain free food isn’t that hard, but grain free treats aren’t always available or aren’t US made. Always happy to find more choices

  14. Tara says

    We have two 4 year old golden retrievers. We love our dogs very much and our dog Maddy licks her paws a lot like your Esca. I wonder if it could be because she needs to be grain-free? We would love to try these grain-free dog biscuits! I have been thinking about having our dogs go grain free. I’ve been researching dog foods but have not yet found one sold in one of our local pet shops. We again would be so delighted to try these dog biscuits!

  15. Cara says

    I have not tried them, but I would love to because my dog is gluten free too!

  16. says

    I have not tried these products, but I am excited that they are made in the US and are grain-free. We adopted a new doggie (Amber, she’s 4.5 yrs old) less than 2 weeks ago. Her and our toddler have hit it off! She is on a lovely grain-free food now and seems to be doing well (I wish we could afford a raw food diet, but we can now only as treats).

    Thanks for the great giveaway. :)

  17. Amy says

    I haven’t seen Cloud Star products yet but this sounds amazing!! I have a german shorthaired pointer that itches to death when he gets grains! And we love to give him lots of treats! This would be PERFECT!!

    Thank youuu!

  18. Peggy Johnson says

    I would love to try Cloud Star. I am always looking for grain free treats made in the USA. My dog also licks her paws constantly and has weepy eyes when she eats corn and wheat products.

  19. Jeanne Foerch says

    Your dogs look so adorable. I have a 6 yr old small Sheltie, Daisy. We have not tried these treats as yet. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. emily loiselle says

    I would love to try these dog treats! My dogs love treats and this sounds like a great alternative to grain snacks!

  21. Sara says

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! My best friend’s dog (my “niece”) loves to play with my cat, but lately she’s been having issues with her behavior. I’d like to see if these help her and maybe I’ll get a similar product for my cat!vplus, free is always better :)

  22. Terri says

    Although I do not own a dog, I spend M-F business hours with my bosses chocolate Labrador in our office. I am required to give him a treat each morning and he stands near me waiting while I put my purse down. The boss buys milk bone which are not healthy and I am careful to wash my hands immediately after handling the non-GF item. I would love to win the free sample to give to Stout here at the office.

  23. Palila says

    I haven’t tried any with my pup, but they sound great for my 10-year-old black Lab.

  24. Jeanne says

    Our daughter’s dog is on a grain free food, but I think I need to put mine – a mini Schnauzer – grain free, too, because she licks her feet incessantly! I’ve never heard of this brand before. Maybe it’s not available on the west coast? We do us a freeze dried chicken for their treats. It would be fun to try this new one… I hope I win!

  25. shauna price says

    I’ve never tried Cloud Star pet products, but I would love to try them. My dog Sassy has really bad allergies, so those would be perfect for her.

  26. Danielle T says

    havent tried them yet! sounds like something my dog would like though!

  27. Cheryl Price says

    Would love to try the products because of my dog named Lucky has allergies pretty bad.

  28. Patricia Brooks says

    I haven’t tried Cloud Star products, yet. Duece, our 8yr old mini doxie has digestion troubles & these would be so great for him. I also have a 4yr old Great Dane, Fancy. Of course, she feels like she can eat anything, lol!

  29. Julie Poole says

    Luke, our 6 year old GSDog has been dealing with allergies since he was a puppy ! He loves treats!
    He has Duck jerky so something grain free Iam guessing these are something he would love and to try a sample do thankful for!

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