Discovering Gluten-Free Processed Foods

It’s day nine of the 10 Days of Gluten Free blog hop!  I am covering topics related to getting started on the gluten free diet.  Be sure to visit the other participating blogs listed at the end of this post.  Each one is covering a different gluten-free topic and has a great giveaway you can enter.

Discovering Gluten-Free Processed Foods

After you have given yourself time to adjust, you might want to start trying specialty gluten-free foods.

While I don’t recommend a diet that contains a lot of processed foods, most of us find life much easier if we include a few.   Here are some staples I like to keep on hand along with my favorite brands.  Some of these I could do without, but I stock for my son.

  • Pasta (Tinkyada or Jovial)
  • Bread (Kinnikinnick yellow label, Udi’s, or Rudi’s)
  • Cookies (Kinnikinnick or Pamela’s)
  • Snack Bars (Pamela’s Whenever Bars)
  • Crackers (Glutino)

The items listed above are foods that usually contain gluten.  However, I also keep other gluten free foods in my pantry such as pasta sauce to go with the gluten-free pasta.  View my list of 30 Processed Foods that are Usually Gluten Free.

You still need to read the labels on those foods because usually does not mean always.

Where to Buy?

Specialty gluten-free foods can be found in health food stores, health food isles of regular grocery stores, and online.  Shop around to find the best price.  I have found that prices can vary significantly.  Check out all the shopping tips at Laura’s Gluten Free Pantry.

This Giveaway is Now Closed

Gluten-Free-DietShelley Case is giving away a copy of her book Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide.  The title is an appropriate description.  This book would be useful to anyone on a gluten-free diet.

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10 Days of Gluten Free Continues:

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  1. Roxanna says

    I am newly diagnosed so I’m very glad to be able to find awesome resources like this to study up on this new life change! Thank you!

  2. Deanna says

    Thank you so much for the great info. I really appreciate it. The book looks wonderful and it is something I would use and share.

  3. Pat says

    I try to fix all my own food, including snacks, that way I know what is in it.
    But the whole foods are a good idea and healthy too.

  4. Susan says

    Thank you for the info! It’s nice to have stuff in the pantry and freezer ready to be used for meals and snacks when you have food allergies, food intolerance, or celiac disease – especially pasta and bread!

  5. says

    I totally agree with giving yourself time to adjust! It takes time to “forget” what gluten containing pasta & bread taste like.

    Now, Schar’s pasta is a staple in our house. We also keep the Schar’s hoagie rolls and dinner rolls on hand – love that they are par-baked. Finish them off in the oven and they are like fresh-baked bread!

    Snack Bars – we keep Larabars on hand at all times. Great for a quick snack or lunch on the go.

    Crackers – Nut Thins are our favorite.

  6. Cindy says

    Trying not to eat so much processed foods, but it is so good to know that they are available when you need them!

  7. Caitlin says

    Ug, my problem is I rely too much on processed foods. I’m trying to stick to grains and fresh fruits and veggies now. However, I love Trader Joes Ginger Snaps, I go back and forth between Rudi’s and Udi’s bread, and I have a bunch of microwave meals for emergencies.

  8. Vicky says

    I like all of Hodgson Mill GF products. Pasta, bread, cake, cookies, pancakes and flours. I found these are also cheaper than the others. Brown rice flour and flax seed are the basic ingredients. I haven’t bought any crackers or snacks yet. These are as close to scratch as I can get.

    Where I live we don’t have those Trader Joe’s or Whole Food stores, wish we did!

  9. Natalie says

    Thanks for the lists! I am sure that I will be using these lists for a long time to come. Also, thanks for the “10 Days of Gluten Free”; I have really learned a lot and will continue to learn a lot!!

  10. says

    I’m trying not to go overboard with the gluten-free processed food. I think it is healthiest to avoid even the non-gluten processed stuff, but I do keep some crackers in the cabinet to eat with sardines and a loaf of udi’s for my son and my once a week sack lunch at art class. It’s good to have the options.

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