Create a Gluten-Free Pizza Challenge

Pizza!  I know I’m still young at heart every time I eat good gluten-free pizza, because I’m reminded that it is one of my favorite foods.  Or at least it was until I went dairy free.  I still enjoy pizza, but cheese substitutes are not quite the same.

I do still enjoy making pizza, though, and it can be a fun food to play around with.  I thought it would make an enjoyable challenge while the weather is not yet so hot that I refuse to turn on the oven.  You are not limited to baking your pizza in the oven, though.  I have successfully made grilled gluten-free pizza.

pizza whole baked

The Challenge: Get Creative with Pizza Making

You can get creative any or all of the three basic pizza parts: crust, sauce, toppings.

The Crust – This is obviously the most challenging part for a gluten-free pizza.  My family loves this large pizza crust recipe.  Also good is this single crust recipe.  But not everyone has the same tastes.  Maybe you like a very thin crust, or you need a crust that is egg or yeast free.  Experiment a little and try to create a crust that fits your needs.

Even though we love the yeast crusts I just mentioned, sometimes it’s nice to have a quicker crust or something that is different from what we usually have.  The last time I made this cornmeal crust pizza I wasn’t that impressed with it, so I might try improving it.  I have also made a zucchini crust pizza (pictured below).

zucchini pizza

The Sauce – Do you make your own pizza sauce?  Have you tried a sauce that is not tomato based?  Changing the sauce makes a big difference in how a pizza tastes.  Give it a try.

The Toppings (including cheese) – I won’t list all the possibilities here.  I tend to get stuck in a rut and use the same toppings time after time.  Usually it’s because I don’t plan ahead and buy something different or I don’t take time to get it ready to put on the pizza.  If you do a little planning, toppings are an easy way to get creative.

I’m not sure how my family will feel about change their beloved pizza.  I might have to start with changing part of the pizza but not all of it.  I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

pizza slice

Share Your Pizza Recipe:

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  • The following week I will highlight pizza recipes in my Gluten-Free Wednesday post.

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  1. says

    ooh I’m looking forward to this one!
    Thanks for the inspiration! I’m going all “naturally” gluten free this week so hrmmm….maybe I can come up with something Pizza Like :)

  2. Zusiqu says

    One of our family favorites is Tuna Pizza. If you like grilled tuna salad sandwiches, you will like Tuna Pizza as the ingredients are the same. We eat cheese, so the pizza is layered like this: crust, home-made tuna salad, sliced tomatoes (Roma tomatoes have less juice and work well) and grated cheddar cheese. We bake it until the inside temperature of the tuna salad is hot and then broil it for a few minutes to brown the cheese on top. No tomato sauce is used for this recipe.

  3. Sherron says

    I do not eat dairy, but I still make and enjoy pizza more than I did before going gluten and dairy free. The secret for me is using tons of veggies and other toppings, I don’t even miss the cheese. I have never tried the dairy-free cheese and I don’t find the need to.

  4. says

    Can’t wait– I’ve been eating cheese again after I hiatus and have been on a serious pizza roll. I’ll have motivation to actually measure and photograph now!

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