Create a Gluten-Free Dessert Bar Challenge

Monthly GF Challenge

It’s been a few months since we’ve had a dessert challenge, and we’ve already done most of the major dessert categories so I decided on a dessert bar.

What I mean by dessert bar is any dessert that you make (usually bake, but not necessarily) in a square or rectangular pan and cut it into squares to serve.

Lemon bars are a good example, but so are brownies, or a cookie recipe that is made into bars rather than individual cookies.  I personally like to make cookies that way.  It is quicker and easier than making individual cookies.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oat Bars

peanut butter choc chip oat bars

The Challenge: You have some options depending on your level of comfort with gluten-free baking.    You could:

  • Take a gluten-free cookie recipe and try it as a bars.
  • Turn a gluten filled bar recipe into a gluten-free recipe.
  • Modify a gluten-free bar recipe to your taste and needs.
  • Create your own gluten-free bar recipe.

Share Your Bar Recipe:

  • Post your recipe on your blog and include a link back to my site.
  • Come to this blog on a Wednesday in April and link your recipe at my Gluten-Free Wednesdays carnival.
  • The following week I will highlight bar recipes that include a link back in my Gluten-Free Wednesday post.
  • I’m looking for dessert bars this month, not snack bars such as granola bars.

Inspiration: You are welcome to use any of my bar recipes as a basis for your bars.

Chocolate Oatmeal Bars

chocolate oatmeal bars

Gluten-Free dessert bar recipes from other bloggers:

Raspberry Coconut Almond Bars – Gluten-Free Goddess
Magic Oat Bars –  Gluten Free Easily
Sorghum Almond Pumpkin Bars – Book of Yum
Lemon Bars –  Lynn’s Recipe Adventures
Blueberry Apricot Oat Bars – Gluten Free Gobsmacked

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  1. says

    Oh, great challenge, Linda! I was just thinking about a new bar recipe today, in fact. Haven’t quite figured that one out yet, but now I have a good incentive for doing so. :-) Also, I’m tweaking my chewy granola bars this weekend to not rely on chocolate chips and to have road trip treats for Sunday, so that recipe might make it as an entry, too. Fun!! 😉 Oh, and thanks for the mention on the Magic Oat Bars … those bars are sinfully delish for sure. That’s another recipe that I need to remake into dairy free, so might do that sooner than later, too. :-)


  2. says

    The peach cobbler looks amazing! My daughter is having her graduation open house this weekend and I plan on making it for our gluten free treat. I am going to switch it up a little and use my all purpose gluten free flour with millet. It is my favorite to bake with and adds such a creamy texture and a little more protein to anything I make.
    Thanks for sharing!

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