Create a Gluten-Free Burger Challenge

June’s challenge is to create a gluten-free burger.  Since most burgers are typically gluten-free, this is more of a challenge to get creative.  I chose this for several reasons.  One, I wanted something that does not require the use of an oven.  Two, June is often the beginning of grilling season.  Three, I personally want to get more creative with burgers.

The only requirement for this challenge is that you create some kind of patty.  It can contain beef, poultry, fish, or vegetables.  It can be cooked on a grill, or any other method.  You can serve it with a bun or without.  You get the idea. 

As I mentioned the other day, there is a slight change in the challenge.  There will not be a round up week.  Just link your recipes to Gluten-Free Wednesdays any time this month.  Then I will group the burger recipes together when I post a review of carnival links at the beginning of next month.


Burgers are not something I’ve been creative with so far.   I’ve have pretty much stuck to ground beef with a little seasoning added.  I’m looking forward to experimenting and to seeing your ideas.  For those of you who are burger challenged like me, here are a few suggestions you might try.

Burger Base:

  • ground beef
  • ground chicken
  • ground turkey
  • ground pork
  • ground sausage
  • fish
  • tofu
  • beans

Burger Additions:

  • chopped onion
  • chopped peppers
  • garlic
  • egg
  • bread crumbs
  • soy sauce (gluten free)
  • salt & pepper
  • other seasoning

Burger Toppings:

  • onions
  • mushrooms
  • lettuce
  • tomato
  • cheese
  • ketchup
  • mustard
  • sauces
  • mayonnaise
  • bacon

I hope you enjoy this month’s challenge.  I look forward to seeing your ideas.

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  1. Jill says

    My favorite burger lately is:
    90/10 Angus Ground Beef
    Lipton Onion Soup Mix
    (mix together)
    eat w/mayo, relish, catchup, lettuce & onion…

    Also LOVE just 90/10 Angus Grd Beef grilled w/melted swiss cheese and GF 1,000 Island Dressing and pickled onions!

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