Cooking with Kids and Dinner & Wine eBooks

I have a couple of eBooks to recommend to you today.  One is free, and one is very inexpensive.

Cooking 101 for Kids

Cooking 101 for Kids is written by my friend Lynn from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures.  The book covers important things to teach your kids as they are learning to cook.  It covers measurements and includes images of many kitchen tools and common ingredients.

She includes links to six how to videos that show her and her kids performing basic cooking tasks that your kids can learn too.

The book also contains easy recipes that your kids will enjoy making and eating.  The recipes are all gluten free if you use gluten free ingredients such as certified gluten free oats.  The recipes do not call for wheat flour.

Most of the recipes do contain dairy, but even if you can’t make the recipes, this book is worth the price if you have kids who you want to teach to cook.

Right now Lynn is offering the book for only $2.99!  Just click on the image above to go to Lynn’s site and purchase the eBook.

Disclosure:  I am an affiliate and will earn commission on sales.


Dinner and Wine for $20 or Less is a free eBook for anyone who subscribes to my friend Amy’s blog,  Vine Sleuth Uncorked.

The book was created by Amy and Erin ($5 Dinner Mom).  Erin contributed the recipes, most of which are gluten free or can easily be made gluten free.

Several wines are suggested along with each recipe.  The usual price of the wine is also provided, giving you an idea of how much you might spend.  The idea is that both the recipe and wine will cost you less than $20!

It’s perfect for planning a romantic dinner, or even a dinner party (though that would mean increasing the amount of food and wine, and therefore the cost.)

This book is only available for free until February 29th, so don’t miss out.

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    Hey Linda. Question about wine…I have read different things, that while wine is gluten free, sometimes the barrels that it’s store in contain gluten and contaminate the wine. Do you know? Do you know of any known GF wines?


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