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Most of the time, I do not get fancy with vegetables.  I like to lightly steam them then add a little olive oil, salt, and onion and garlic pepper.  We really dislike overcooked vegetables.  Besides the fact that they lose nutrients as they cook, they get mushy!

I have a problem, though.  I get busy with other parts of dinner and forget about my steaming vegetables. I have a few solutions.

Vegetable Cooking Tips

  • Set a timer.  I don’t steam my vegetables for an exact amount of time, just until they are the right tenderness when stuck with a fork.  Setting a timer helps me to not forget about them, though.  I set it for a minute or two less than I think is needed.  That way I’m paying attention at the end of the cooking time.
  • When the vegetables are going to be ready before everything is ready for us to sit down and eat, I remove them from the heat before they are done.  I drain the water and keep them covered to stay warm, but I know they will continue cooking a little.  Undercooking them means they’ll be just right when we’re ready to eat.
  • If I do overcook the the veggies a little, I drain them, then run a little cold water over them.  Not enough to make them cold, but enough to keep them from cooking more.

What are you vegetable cooking tips?

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