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My refrigerator has been a cause of frustration recently, and when Shauna shared about organizing her refrigerator last week, I knew it was time to do something about it.  I decided that Saturday would be my day for cleaning the refrigerator.

There were two problem areas for me, and when I read Shauna’s post, I knew what the solution would be.

First, my large drawers are actually pretty small.  I have one for vegetables, but it is a very inadequate space for holding the amount of vegetables I buy.  The result is that I have a drawer full of veggies that is difficult to open because it’s over stuffed, and the excess vegetables end up stuck all over the refrigerator wherever I can find a place for them.

Messy Refrigerator

Trust me, this frig was much messier than it looks.  There were all kinds of things stuck in all kinds of places that you can’t see here.

My second problem is that meat is usually put on the bottom shelf which happens to be the top of the drawers.  Occasionally, a package of meat leaks.  I hate when that happens!  If the eat is not in bag (sometimes even if it is) or on a plate, the meat juice runs all over, gets under the glass, and sometimes ruins other food, such as vegetables, that are nearby.

Here’s how Shauna inspired me.  She puts her meat in a drawer.  I do put cooked meats such as hot dogs or lunch meat in a drawer, but I needed more space for a BJ’s size pack of chicken, a whole chicken, or a roast.

Food on the Table

So, on Saturday I got busy cleaning the refrigerator and emptied it’s contents, cleaned all the shelves, and reorganized it.  The rest of the frig was generally organized, but things always need to be redone periodically.

I used one drawer for meat.  My drawers also have a little pop out part on the front of them.  I used that part of the meat drawer for small veggies like a bag of baby carrots.  The two shelves above that drawer are for vegetables only.

So far it’s working.  I added one box on the bottom shelf to hold small veggies.  They are rather piled on the shelf, but as the food gets used it looks like less of a mess.

Clean Frig

Remember, I have a husband and three boys who are 21, 19, and 16.  We go through a lot of food.  My fridge looks nothing like Shauna’s neat and tidy frig, but it works for me.

What’s your favorite refrigerator organization tip?

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  1. Terri says

    With just one person, my frig does not get crowded most of the time, but I will incorporate some of the ideas here. I do the same thing as Linda and put eggs in a shelf area just the height of the eggs as that keeps them from getting broken. While we are on eggs – note that many white eggs are bleached and that is not good – I buy organic brown eggs to be sure I am not consuming bleach. Eggs are a great GF item.

  2. says

    It looks great, Linda! I’ve always kept meat in the top part of the refrigerator because I was always told that was the coldest. I wonder if that advice has changed. I also have to contend with the fact that if I can’t see something, I forget about it. I would LOVE one of those huge restaurant refrigerators with the glass doors! Once when cleaning the drawers of my fridge, I left them out to soak and just stacked stuff in those spaces. I actually like it better and more could fit. So I’ve thought of leaving them out and having some type of stackable dividers (sort of like in a Longaberger basket LOL), but have done nothing more on it. My refrigerator is a constant cause of consternation though. I actually love it when it stays below 40 in the winter so I can keep some stuff on the table on my screened porch that does not get sunlight. My porch refrigerator always comes in handy when hosting events, too. 😉 Thanks for sharing. I’m going to give my situation some more thought.


  3. says

    Cleaning out the fridge regularly helps me keep it from getting out of control. I tend to clean out whatever is going bad or I know will go bad the day before I do the shopping so there is room for the new stuff. Also, I keep my tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and garlic on the counter instead of the refrigerator.

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