Cleaning a Sponge: Kitchen Tip

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In the kitchen I like using both dish cloths and sponges.  I prefer a dish cloth for wiping counters and tables, but I like to use a sponge for washing dishes.

Dish cloths can be thrown in the washing machine, but what about sponges?  They get dirty and smelly and can harbor germs.  You could throw them away and use a clean one, but I try to use my sponges as long as possible.

My favorite way to clean and sanitize a sponge is to put it in the dishwasher.  Putting a wet sponge in the microwave will kill germs, but it doesn’t clean the sponge and leave it smelling fresh.  The dishwasher does.

I usually keep two sponges in rotation at my sink.  As soon as I think one needs to be cleaned, I put it in the dishwasher and pull out my clean sponge.  That way I’m not waiting for the dirty one to get clean or using a stinky sponge longer than I should be.

orange question markDo you have a favorite way of cleaning sponges?

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  1. Pam Cotterman says

    I have a dishwasher, but use it as extra storage for bakeware. Once or twice a week I fill my kitchen sink with hot water & pour in a couple tablespoons of bleach, a squirt of dish detergent & drop my sponge in the bleachy water….let sit for at least an hour….now I have a clean sink & sponge!

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