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Today’s kitchen tip comes from many of you.  When I posted this month’s cleaning task, several of you commented with this tip.  Of course, when I went to clean my microwave I completely forgot about it.

Then when I posted my clean kitchen update, I received several more comments (some by email) with this tip.  It obviously works, so for those of you who, like me, have never tried it, here’s an easy way to clean your microwave.


Put something that will steam in the microwave and heat it to help loosen the stuck on food.  Exactly what you use can vary.  Here were some suggestions:

  • plain water
  • water and vinegar
  • plain vinegar* (see note)
  • a cut lemon
  • cut lemon in water
  • baking potatoes

Basically you are using steam to soften and loosen the food.  It can then be easily wiped away.  Using vinegar or lemon may offer additional cleaning benefits and will help with odors.

*I received an email from a reader who said she used straight vinegar and it rusted the inside of the microwave door.  It cleaned well, but the rust ruined the microwave.

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