Clean Kitchen Update: Upper Cabinets

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This month’s task is to clean the inside of your upper cabinets.  There is no doubt that my baking cabinet was the one in most need of this cleaning.  Not only did it need to be cleaned, it needed to be cleaned out and reorganized.

There were a number of containers in the cabinet that I was not using, such as the big box of dried milk powder.  I got rid of those items and used the space to store baking mixes that I have been sent for review.

Baking Cabinet Before

While I’m happy to have the cabinet cleaned out, I’m no longer happy with the plastic containers I’m using to store flour.  I would like to switch to glass or at least plastic I know is BPA free.  The problem with glass is the weight.  The shelves are very wide.  My husband did add a couple of support blocks of wood for me, but I’m still concerned about the weight.

I might try using at least a few glass containers and I’m on the lookout for what I want.  I would appreciate any recommendations.

Baking Cabinet After

I will not get all of my upper cabinets cleaned this month, but I am focusing on the ones that really need it.  I hope to get more done before the end of the month.

question markHow is your cabinet cleaning going?

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  1. Rach says

    I use the Snaplock(Snapware) plastic containers – I’ve gotten them at Bed Bath & Beyond and they are BPA free, they also have a Glasslock collection which I’d love to try but they don’t seem to come in the big sizes like the plastic ones do. The plastic ones seem to hold up well and stack nicely in the cabinet.

  2. Molly Klein says

    hi Linda,
    I like to keep my food in glass as well. I have old mason jars I have found at the Goodwill and various antique stores for storing food in my pantry. I especially like the really old jars that have glass tops.

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