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Did you forget about this month’s cleaning task?  I almost did.  I have made some progress, though.

My new KitchenAid Mixer didn’t need any cleaning, but I cleaned the old one thoroughly before taking it to my parents’ house.  I was surprised at how dirty it was when I pulled it out from its corner and took a really close look at it.

I’ve also cleaned my food processor, electric tea pot, and Magic Bullet.  I find there are always grooves or nooks and crannies where dirt becomes lodged, as you can see here:


I find that a toothpick, old toothbrush, and a vegetable brush with an angled head are useful tools for such dirt, and vinegar was a good cleaning aid for the inside of my electric tea pot.


Still to clean:  Two toasters (one gluten-free and one not), slow cooker, blender, and hand mixer.  The last two are not used a lot and won’t be hard to clean.

question markHow is your small appliance cleaning coming along?

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  1. The wafflemaker is always the one I dread cleaning. Food processor and rice cooker are a cinch, and I wipe down my hand mixer evertime I use it, so It doesn’t need extra attention.

  2. I don’t have a lot of small appliances but this week I thoroughly cleaned my blender – even bought a new rubber ring. On tap for this weekend is my can opener. I’ve never taken it apart and given it a thorough go over. I manage to clean the blade part often enough but I think it needs more. Love these posts.

    • Your talk of replacing the rubber ring and cleaning the can opener reminded me that I need to look into buying a new blade for food processor. I’m glad you enjoy these posts. It’s always helpful to know what people like.

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