Clean Kitchen Update: Inside Lower Cabinets

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I forgot to give you an update last week, and now August is almost over.  I know some of you really enjoy these cleaning challenges, so I want to encourage you to keep going with it.

For the most part, my lower cabinets tend to stay pretty neat and clean, so this wasn’t a difficult month for me.  There is one double cabinet, however, that contains a mixture of items and tends to get messy.

I have a large shelf that goes across the top of the cabinet and down below I have two pull outs that allow for easier access to items in the back.  One pull out contains my grain mill, some rice for milling, and a couple of dog supplements.  I know the dog supplements seem random, but that’s where I had room for them.

left side lower cabinet          right side lower cabinet

The pull out on the other side contains gluten-free goodies.  That part was established after my son went gluten-free.  It helps to have cereal, crackers, and cookies in a place where he can easily find them.

The shelf contains mostly baking pans and a few other miscellaneous items.  It also seems to be a place where I shove things to get them out of the way.  Smile

So mostly I worked on organizing this cabinet.  It doesn’t really look a whole lot better in the “after” photo, but that’s because you can’t see into the cabinet well in these photos.  It doesn’t help that my photo is blurry either. Just trust me.  It really is better organized.

cleaned lower cabinet

question markHow has your lower cabinet cleaning been going?

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