Clean Kitchen Update: Floor & Baseboards

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September’s deep cleaning task is to clean your kitchen floor and baseboards.  Last week I finally got to work on scrubbing my tile grout.  I have to say I’m disappointed that it didn’t clean up as well as I had hoped.

I think I’m going to look for a colored sealer that I can put on it that would be slightly darker than what it is now, not show the dirt as much, and clean up better.  Any suggestions?

So, I scrubbed half of the grout and the other half will get done this week.  I still need to give the baseboards a good cleaning. I have a long rectangular kitchen which I split in half lengthwise to clean the grout.  In this picture you can see that the grout on the right side has been cleaned, and the grout on the left has not.

ceramic tile kitchen floor

question markHow is kitchen floor cleaning going for you?

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  1. Tdputman says

    I found that when I scrubbed my grout the best ways was to scrub and then wipe up the dirty water along the grout line, scrub, wipe, scrub white. I found that if I wasn’t using a towel to clean up the grout that the dirty water was just soaking back into my grout. I started with pouring baking soda and vinegar and hot water on the floor first to soak some. I hear that an oxy clean type product works well. I have to redo a few sections so I am trying the oxy clean next time and then sealing it!

    • says

      Oxy Clean is what I use and I let it soak 30 – 60 min. It worked great in the past, but I think the grout needs to be resealed. I do mop up the dirt pretty quickly, but not immediately. I should give that a try. Thanks for your tip.

  2. Kandice says

    There is a product called grout majic (grout66) that works amazing…… I know you can find it online. Of course, you will want to be sure to wear gloves.. Enjoy receiving your emails. Thanks

  3. Laurie says

    When tile was installed they told us to use a dilution of Murphy’s Oil soap and water on the tile to seal the grout. So far its worked great.

  4. Richard Black says

    I used NuGrout Colorant to color the grout in my kitchen. My floor looks fantastic! The best part is I saved a bunch of money since I didn’t have to re-grout the tiles. My wife LOVES the outcome! You can find out more about these products at

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