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My cabinets are only about six years old, and I like to keep them looking nice.  When I see splashes and finger prints on them, I usually wipe them off with a damp cloth.  The problem is I don’t look very well.  I notice the dirt that is right in front of my eyes, but don’t pay close attention to all areas of the cabinets.

For this month’s Keeping a Clean Kitchen challenge, I took a more careful look.  While my cabinets aren’t super dirty, I did find that the lower cabinets in particular were in need of cleaning.  The black spots on this corner cabinet door are not supposed to be there.

cabinet door - dirtycabinet door - clean









I also found that a couple of my drawer handles were collecting dirt.  A toothpick was a useful tool for that job.  It’s not perfectly clean, but I can’t remove the handles without removing the entire drawer front.  I decided that could wait.

cabinet handle - dirty
cabinet handle - clean







Still to do: I have finished almost all of the lower cabinets.  I still have the upper ones to do, but they are not as dirty.

question markAm I the only one doing kitchen cleaning?  Let me know how it’s going at your house.

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  1. I just did the same thing in my kitchen. What amazed me was how dirty the bottom edges of the doors were. I realized this when I was lying on the floor to clean the kick strip beneath the cabinets.

  2. I’m planning on starting the cabinet wipe-down tomorrow.

  3. I have been “deep”cleaning my kitchen, but slower that you. What is the best cleaner for cabinets or a wax/sealer after the cabinets are cleaned? Thx

  4. I always use an old toothbrush to clean around the handles. I just cleaned my kitchen top-to-bottom yesterday!

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