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This month was much busier than I anticipated.  I was actually looking forward to cleaning out my kitchen drawers because they need it, but I have made very little progress.

The problem is that I have been out of town.  I have spent six days, divided, at my parents’ home, and three days at the beach with my husband.  On top of that I have had extra home school responsibilities.  I’m not complaining.  I enjoyed the time away with my husband, and I was able to help my parents get ready for a large auction they held at their old house. We also celebrated my dad’s 80th birthday.

It’s been a good month, but very busy.  However, I determined to clean out at least one complete drawer before writing this post, and I did.  I chose the drawer that needed it the most.  Here’s the before picture.

drawer update - messy

This is a pretty large drawer and I use it to hold lots of items.  There were many items that needed to be moved or thrown out, but the things that really didn’t belong in there were these.

baby teeth

Years ago I heard a mother say that she kept all her children’s baby teeth, so I thought I should too.  I kept these little jars in the kitchen because it was close by and easy to find when a tooth fell out.  Apparently I grew tired of the idea by my third child because I know he has lost more teeth than are in that jar.

Now my three sons are almost 20, 17, and 14, and it seems really silly to have these teeth in my kitchen drawer.  In fact, it seems silly to have them at all.  I will probably toss them.  Just be thankful that I didn’t take a picture of the three teeth that were pulled (two with long roots).

I emptied everything out of the drawer, and washed it well.  I then emptied and washed out the organizer trays.  After that I replaced only the things I use often and want to keep in that drawer.  Here are the results.

drawer update - clean

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How is your drawer cleaning going this month?

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  1. says

    I, too, saved my children’s teeth. You may want to hang on to them to pass them down. I know I may sound a little crazy, but I’ve heard it’s better than having fingerprints on home record in case something happens. If you research it on the web, there’s quite a lot they can do with just a baby tooth. It’s not so crazy after all to keep them.

  2. says

    I recently found a local store that carries baskets. Small ones are 3 for $1. I’m using them to organize all of my drawers, and it’s helped me to ‘find’ a lot of space. I’m also using them on my shelves in conjunction with the little wire shelves to add extra space. I store my dishes below and my spices organized into baskets on the add-a-shelf above.

    • says

      Sounds like your doing a great job getting organized. Baskets and other containers really do help create more space.

  3. Sarah says

    I love cleaning out cabinets and drawers. It’s like a strange guilty pleasure, except there’s no guilt! I actually cleaned out some drawers today, but that’s because I’m moving. Keep it up!

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