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Don’t worry.  There are no big changes.  Really only one—I’m going to be doing fewer product reviews and giveaways this years.  There are several reasons for that change, but mostly it is because reviews are very time consuming.

You will still see some reviews and giveaways, but I’m going to be more selective.  They won’t be every week like they were last year.  Probably more like once or twice a month.


You may or may not know that I have been a stay-at-home mom for over 20 years, and I have homeschooled all three of my boys.  The oldest is in college, the second, who graduates this spring,  is taking some community college classes this year, and my youngest is in tenth grade.

My job as a homeschooling mom is winding down, though I’m still involved in our homeschool umbrella program as a consultant.

With more time to spare and college tuition being what it is, I’m easing back into income producing work.  I’ve been doing that for some time with my blog, but I don’t earn as much as I would like from that.

This year I have added two new jobs to my plate.  I’m contributing to Lifetime Moms once a week.  I’m also doing editing and other work for a friend who has a very successful blog, The Happy Housewife.

As I said, I don’t expect much to change here, but if you find me posting less often, you know why.

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    Hooray, Linda. I hope this transition in your life brings you joy – we’ll still be here to read when you do post! :) I love your recipe and suggestions posts more than reviews anyways, personally!

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      Thanks, Alta! I am enjoying the change. I love watching my guys turn into young men, and I love having new challenges and things to learn.

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