A Reason to Celebrate

There is some celebrating going on at our house. My oldest son turned 18 today, and next week he graduates after 13 years of homeschooling. That makes it a celebration for him and for me. One down and two to go! In his honor, I decided to repost this article that I wrote back in August when my blog was brand new.

Originally posted 8/24/08

The other day my 17-year-old son asked how long it had been since I was diagnosed. It will be eight years this fall. He said he thought we should have a party when I reached 10 years. A party? To celebrate finding out you have a disease? That’s not what he meant, and what he said was very encouraging to me. He thought we should celebrate the fact that I have learned to cope so well. He was old enough to remember the changes we had to go through, but he is very aware that much of the food he enjoys today is a result of my having to learn to cook all over again. While he knows that it’s hard, he sees a lot of good that has come from it, and he sees me as being someone who succeeded in the face of a big challenge.

My thought was, it’s like climbing to the top of a mountain. You don’t celebrate the mountain, you celebrate the experience and the success of getting to the top. Celiac disease is still there and it’s pretty big, but I’m on top of it and enjoying the view. I hope you are too, but if you’re just starting out and the view from the bottom isn’t so great, be encouraged. The trail has already been blazed, and there are plenty of people to help you on the way. You can make it to the top and celebrate with the rest of us.

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  1. glutenfreeislife says

    What a wise thought from your son. Isn’t it interesting how kids have such a different perspective on things?


  2. Daniel Munday, Sydney's Fat Loss Expert says

    That’s a great positive attitude for your son to have! Also happy birthday to him

  3. Cheryl says

    What a sweet thought! Celebrate!

    And congrats on the homeschooling grad! What an accomplishment. I look forward to one day being able to say that my son is a homeschool grad too :)

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