How to Peel a Hard Boiled Egg

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I haven’t actually tried this yet, but I had to share it with you.  This video features my brother who made this for my mom, my sister, and me so we would have a new way to peel hard boiled eggs. If you can’t see the video, you can view it on YouTube. If you […]

Glass Measuring Cups Follow Up

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  Last week I shared the tip of washing your glass measuring cups by hand to keep the markings from fading.  Several of you agreed that washing the cups by hand helps.  There were also a few other suggestions that I wanted to share with you. Go over the lines with a Sharpie permanent marker. […]

Glass Measuring Cups

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  I have several Pyrex glass measuring cups—1 cup, 2 cup, and 4 cup sizes.   I like using glass, and it lasts a long time.  What doesn’t last is the markings on the cups.  Those red lines and numbers have been fading from being washed in the dishwasher. Recently I have switched to washing my […]

Baking on the Grill


I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  The grill is a great way to keep the heat out of the house during hot summer months. I have a gas grill with a built in thermometer.  I use it as a grill but also as an oven.  I will place food on […]

Wash All Your Fruit: Kitchen Tip


You wash fruit before eating it, right?  Fruits like apples, grapes, berries, peaches, and pears.  But what about fruit that does not have an edible outside?  Fruits like pineapple, oranges, and melons. You might think, “Why do I need to wash the outside when I don’t eat it?”  But consider how you prepare that fruit […]

Crock Pot Timing: Kitchen Tip

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  Crock pots are great to use year round.  In winter, they are great for making soups and stews that keep you warm. In the summer they are great because you can use them instead of heating up your oven (and house).  Crock pots put off less heat than an oven, but they do still […]

Steaming Foods: Kitchen Tip

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  Steam is an efficient and moist method of cooking food.  I often steam vegetables, but sometimes I use steam when I simply want to speed up cooking time. For example, recently I was roasting a large pan of potatoes, and they were taking longer than the rest of the dinner.  I added a little […]

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