More Jar Opening Tips

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Last week a shared a tip for opening jars.  I received more ideas from a few of you.  Here they are, but remember to try these at your own discretion.  I can’t guarantee that banging and dropping won’t result in a broken jar! Peggy says, “My mom taught me, to open a jar, simply tap […]

Opening Jars Kitchen Tip

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  Some jars can be particularly hard to open.  If one of my boys is around, have them open it.  If not, I need a little help.  I have a couple of old jar grippers which are losing their gripping ability. Shirley from Gluten Free Easily has an easy and economical solution:  use a wide […]

Tomato Paste Kitchen Tip

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A reader, Amy, shares this kitchen tip: “When opening cans of tomato paste, its so much easier to open both sides and just push out the tomato paste rather than try and scoop it out.” I love this tip!  I haven’t used any tomato paste recently, but next time I do I’m definitely trying this. […]

Oil Mister Kitchen Tip

  Lee at Retired with No Regrets shares a tip for those of you who use an oil mister. She says, “I love those misto sprayers. I have 4 with different oils. When returning the cap, twist it on instead of pushing it down, as that releases more of the liquid in the sprayer.” If […]

Think Outside the Box: Kitchen Tip

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  There’s no doubt that my husband and I don’t think the same way, and sometimes his way of thinking is very helpful. For example, I keep my large electric skillet on the top shelf of a deep pantry cabinet.  It’s a bit of a reach for me, and taking just the skillet off the […]

Keep Track of What You’ve Added to a Recipe

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  This tip comes from my friend Shirley at gluten free easily.  It’s something I need to try, because I do have this problem at times.  Shirley says, “When you are making a recipe, to avoid losing your place when you are interrupted (or simply if your mind wanders … hehe) and hence not know […]

How to Soften Butter

  Linnaea from I Am Gluten Free shares how to soften butter when you need it softened quickly.  Her method does not use the microwave. This tip was new to me.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems that it would work well and warm the butter evenly.   If you would like me […]

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