Cutting Squash: Kitchen Tip

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  Squashes can be very hard to cut, even if you have a sharp knife and strong arms.  Margaret shares this tip for cutting them: If you cannot cut your squash – age infirmities, etc., put your squash in a 350° F oven for a while. Just long enough to cook the skin and make […]

Tough Beef: Kitchen Tip


 Recently I was shopping a BJ’s and was looking for some steaks that weren’t too expensive.  I couldn’t find what I wanted so I opted for a large package of mock tenderloin steaks. I should have known better.  The steaks looked really good, but the word “mock” should have been enough warning.  These steaks were […]

How to Ripen Green Fruit: Kitchen Tip


  I recently bought bananas that were pretty green.  I didn’t realize just how green until I went away for four days and returned to find them still looking too green to eat. One of my sons had heard an old trick for how to ripen green fruit and suggested I place the bananas in […]

Cleaning Glassware: Kitchen Tip


  A reader, Mimi, uses Efferdent to clean glassware and says that doing so makes it sparkle. Has anyone else tried this?  I was unable to find the ingredients in Efferdent, but since it’s used to clean dentures it should be safe for cleaning glassware. If you would like me to link to a kitchen […]

Cleaning Liquid Containers: Kitchen Tip


  The following tip is from Shirley at Gluten Free Easily. “If you have a container such as a pitcher, beverage container (such as a water bottle), or vase that you can see is still not clean after you’ve washed it, add some uncooked rice, salt, and hot water to it and shake and swish […]

Bread Crumbs: Kitchen Tip

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  A reader, Sharon, shares this tip: “When I make my gluten free bread, I save all the bread crumbs when I slice it. Also, I do not like the crust so I break that in pieces and put that in a 200 degree oven until very dry, then either put in blender or food […]

Cooking Vegetables Kitchen Tip

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  Most of the time, I do not get fancy with vegetables.  I like to lightly steam them then add a little olive oil, salt, and onion and garlic pepper.  We really dislike overcooked vegetables.  Besides the fact that they lose nutrients as they cook, they get mushy! I have a problem, though.  I get […]

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