The Possible Dangers of Microwave Ovens

Did you know that in 1991 there was a microwave related law suit in Oklahoma? A woman died from a blood transfusion because a nurse had warmed the blood in a microwave. Warming it wasn’t the problem, that is routinely done, but not in a microwave. The blood warmed in the microwave was altered enough […]

Wrap Racks for Kitchen Storage

I have to admit that one of my weaknesses is buying organizational tools. I see a good organizer in the store, and I always stop to look at it longingly. I’m not super organized, I just like the things you use to get organized. So for today’s kitchen organization edition of Works for Me Wednesday, […]

Making Napkin Rings

Last week I wrote a post about making cloth napkins. I mentioned a tip I had picked up from another site about using different napkin rings for each member of the family. Used, but not too dirty napkins can then be saved and identified for later use by putting them in the napkin rings. This […]

Organizing Your Earrings

First, I apologize for last week’s faulty Works for Me Wednesday link. If you didn’t find your way to it, and you’re still interested in an easy, fun, dinner you can read it here. I like to sit and read magazines….while I’m waiting for kids at the orthodontist or dentist office. It’s about the only […]

Plastic Containers & Their Storage

I recently cleaned out and bought new food storage containers. My old ones were cracking, and the whole lot had become a mixed up mess. I was thrilled to find these Rubbermaid containers at BJ’s. I got a 54 piece set (that includes lids) for $20. The thing I really like is that one lid […]

Making Cloth Napkins

After reading a number of posts on other blogs about using cloth napkins rather than paper ones, I decided to make the switch at our house. I started by going to the thrift store to see what I could find. I came home with 8-10 napkins which we tried out as soon as I washed […]

Yo-yo for Dinner

Some nights when the kids ask me what’s for dinner, the answer is yo-yo. Yo-yo is short for you’re on your own. My kids love yo-yo nights. It’s fun for them to choose what they will eat. I usually have on hand some of the following to choose from: leftovers, frozen items they could heat […]

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