I Have Become Like My Mom


It’s the extremes that make up my childhood memories—the special things and the bad things, but not a lot of the in between stuff.  There are many special memories of my mom, like the special birthday cakes and flannel night gowns she made.  Among the bad things are foods like lima beans and peas.  And […]

Cleaning Tile Grout

When we moved into this house five years ago, I was thrilled with the size of the eat-in kitchen.  We remodeled the whole thing, but one thing that didn’t need to be done was the floor.  The previous owners put in new ceramic tile before selling it.  The tile extends into the hall, powder room, […]

Pressure Cooking

While pressure cookers have grown in popularity, I know that many of my readers don’t own one.  For that reason, I try to include directions for traditionally cooking things that I cook in my pressure cooker.  You might see a few pressure cooker only recipes in the future, though. A few years ago I looked […]

My Electric Teapot

One of my favorite small kitchen appliances is my electric teapot (kettle).  I keep it on the counter and use it daily.  It’s not that I’m a big tea drinker.  Sometimes I am, but I go through phases with it.  It’s that the pot is very efficient at heating water for anything.  It’s great for […]

Cake Frosting Tip

As you can see, I’m not all that great at icing a cake, but I have learned on trick. To keep the cake plate (or in this case plastic) clean while frosting, place three sheets of wax paper under the cake. The paper should be in narrow rectangles and arranged to form a triangle that […]

Decorative Calendar Holder

Picture courtesy of Currentcatalog.com For years I have kept a calendar in the kitchen. It’s helpful to me to see the whole month and to have appointments and events written down in a place that I see often. Even when I had a daily planner or a PDA, I used a kitchen calendar. Tools like […]

Toasting Nuts for More Flavor

I didn’t think I would have a kitchen tip to post today, but last night I was reminded of one as I was making muffins. Toasting nuts brings out their flavor. It’s easy to do and makes anything you add the nuts to more tasty. If I’m baking something like muffins, I put the nuts […]

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