Keeping Warm in the House

We all know that lowering the thermostat in the winter saves money. The problem is staying warm while still being able to function around the house. Here are some ways I have found to keep warm without bulk. I don’t use all of these ideas at once. Since I live in Maryland where winters are […]

Being Frugal – Links to Some Ideas

This week I thought I would provide you with some interesting links on being frugal. In doing so, I do not endorse everything on these web sites or even within the link. I do, however, think there is valuable information there. These are listed in no particular order. 17 Ways to Get Free Books Ideas […]

Making a Christmas Gift Bag

This evening I’m home with my recovering puppy, but the rest of my family is at a party. They each had to take a white elephant gift with them, and I found myself scrambling to put one more gift together just before dinner. The item I had didn’t fit in any gift bags I had, […]

Our Christmas Tree

I’m going to let you in on a secret. For many years we have had an artificial Christmas tree. I know there are strong feelings on both sides of the real vs. artificial tree debate. I can’t say I have strong feelings, and I don’t do it to save the trees. I do like using […]

Frugal Wall Decor

I’m not good a decorating. I don’t have a natural talent for it, and I hate spending lots of money on something that just hangs on the wall. However, I do want our home to look nice, and I prefer to not have totally bare walls. As a result, I have come up with a […]

Wholesale Club Membership Fees

Wholesale Clubs like Costco, BJ’s, and Sam’s can save you money on groceries and other items. However, there is an annual fee for all of them. That means you only save money after you have saved more than the amount of the membership. If you do a lot of shopping at these stores, you can […]

Credit Card Rewards

With the Christmas season approaching I’m especially thankful for my credit card. Yes, you heard me right, but I’m not thankful for it so that I can charge a bunch of stuff I can’t afford. I’m thankful, because our credit card gives us money back that I can use to buy gifts. There are a […]

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