Ways to Use Dinner Leftovers


With fewer mouths to feed at my house (3 instead of the previous 5), I find that I have more dinner leftovers, which led me to thinking about ways to use them. Nobody likes to waste food, but we don’t always like to eat the same thing over again either. If you find yourself with […]

Using Leftovers

Leftovers have really gotten a bad rap over the years, but using leftovers is a great way to save money and it can make your life easier by providing food for a second or third meal.  So how can you use leftovers in a way that you and your family will enjoy them? 1.  Lunch:  […]

Finding Cookbooks at the Library

I love the library.  I even know my 14-digit library card number by heart.  I am very grateful that I happen to live in an area that has a great library system.  No matter where you live, I’m sure your library has at least a few cookbooks, and these days it probably has some gluten-free […]

Keeping the Kitchen Cool

While it isn’t officially summer yet, here in Maryland we’ve had some hot days.  And when the weather turns hot, I change the way I cook.  Casseroles are put on hold for cooler days.  Soups are saved for days when we need to be warmed.  The grill is fired up and the oven is used […]

Produce Isle Convenience Foods

Being on a gluten-free diet, there are many convenience foods I can’t eat.  That’s a good thing because many of them are unhealthy anyway.  There are healthy convenience foods, though.  Consider the produce isle.  You can buy bag salad, pre-cut broccoli, containers of pre-cut fruit and vegetables, and more. Convenience costs.  You know that right?  […]

Shop Carefully & Buy the Food You Want

I shop at numerous grocery stores, but not every week.  Therefore, if I get home and find I bought something that is bad or damaged, I’m not likely to return it.  The hassle of going back to a store that is not “on the way” is just not worth it to me.  The result is […]

Saving Money at Home – Windows

My husband is a real handyman. Even he will admit that he’s terribly slow, but he does a good job and saves us lots of money. Since last spring he has been working on replacing our windows as well as adding insulation and siding to the house. The windows are done and only of portion […]

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