What is a High Speed Blender and Do I Need One?


About a year ago I bought my first high speed blender. They are expensive, so I did a bit of research before making the purchase. If you are also considering such a purchase or just wondering what people are talking about, I thought I would share what I learned with you. There are a variety […]

Ways to Use Dinner Leftovers


With fewer mouths to feed at my house (3 instead of the previous 5), I find that I have more dinner leftovers, which led me to thinking about ways to use them. Nobody likes to waste food, but we don’t always like to eat the same thing over again either. If you find yourself with […]

Gluten-Free Living Conference


I’ve been reading Gluten-Free Living Magazine since I was first diagnosed in 2000. It has been a trusted source of information, and in the early years of my gluten-free journey, I devoured the magazine as soon as it arrive in my mail box. We can all thank Gluten-Free Living for doing research and talking to […]

Homemade Gift Ideas from Harvest Your Health Bundle


I mentioned the Harvest Your Health Bundle sale last week, and if you’re really not interested, just ignore this post. However, I really think it’s a great deal, and today I want to tell you about some books in this bundle that aren’t related to eating but can help you with Christmas (or any other) […]

Harvest Your Health Bundle Sale


Today I’m happy to share a resource that I believe could be very helpful to you. If you’re following my Gluten Free AND Healthy series, I will talk about paleo and grain-free eating. Many of the eBooks in this bundle will help you in learning more about that and finding recipes. But that’s not all. […]

Gluten Free Amazon Sales 5-11-13

Bare Fruit

There is no Surfing Saturday post this week.  Instead, here are a few gluten-free products on sale this month at Amazon.com that might interest you. Glutino I have reviewed Glutino products in the past, and most recently their Sea Salt Crackers. Until May 31, 2013, you can get 15% off Glutino Products on Amazon Bare […]

Dinner and Wine for $20 or Less: Free Today


Dinner and Wine for $20 or Less is available for free today on Amazon.  Don’t drink wine?  Don’t have a Kindle?  That’s okay, you can still benefit from this great deal. This eBook is authored by Erin Chase of $5 Dinners and Amy Gross of VineSleuth Uncorked.  It pairs 19 delicious recipes with  more than […]

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