Sugar Free August Week 4


I did it!  August is almost over and I went the whole month without eating refined sugar.  I ate a little natural sugar in the first week or two and then eliminated that also. It was easier than I thought, maybe because I have been cutting back on sugar and carbs for months before this.  […]

Sugar Free August Week 3


As I mentioned last week, my goal of being refined sugar free has evolved into a goal of getting healthier. Because of that, I continue to make changes to my diet. This week I not only cut out all sweeteners, except for a little stevia occasionally, I also cut out all grains and starchy foods.  […]

Sugar Free August Week 2


During this second week of being refined sugar free I noticed a couple of things.  First, it was easier.  My desire for sugary foods was gone.  However, except for a support group meeting, I wasn’t around any gluten-free desserts. I did make coconut macaroons to take to that meeting, but I made them with coconut […]

Sugar Free August Week 1


Last week I shared with you that I’m am eating free of refined sugar for the month of August.  I was thrilled that a number of you commented here, on Facebook, and through email that you were interested in joining me. It’s been surprisingly easy for me so far.  The first couple of days I […]

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