Quinoa Pilaf


This quinoa pilaf uses zucchini, which is in season for most people, and would make a great side dish for a summer (Labor Day) cookout or picnic. When I first started using quinoa after going free years ago, most people had never heard of it. Lately I’ve been surprised at how often I hear people […]


Roasted Brussels Sprouts


My family has not been fond of Brussels sprouts, and I have tried different recipes over the years trying to get them to like the veggie. Nothing seemed to work, and so I hadn’t made them in quite a long time when Danielle sent me this roasted Brussels sprouts recipe. I won’t say that the […]


Favorite Grilled Zucchini


I’ve shared a grilled zucchini recipe before, but I really prefer grilling vegetables in a grill basket (like the one I got from ALDI). I also prefer the seasoning I use in this, my favorite grilled zucchini recipe. But feel free to add seasonings that you like. Even though this zucchini doesn’t end up with […]


Arugula Salad


This arugula salad is simple, healthy, and delicious—three things that I love about most salads. In fact, salads tend to be so simple that I don’t post recipes for them, but sometimes we need to be reminded to add foods to our salads that we might not normally eat, such as beets. If fresh beets […]


Asparagus Soup


Asparagus is one spring vegetable that many of us look forward to. Unfortunately, it might not be a favorite with your kids. Sometimes, changing the look of a vegetable and mixing it with other foods makes kids more willing to try it. That’s exactly what’s done with this asparagus soup, and one of my kids […]


Southwestern Penne – Ronzoni GF Pasta


This post is sponsored by Ronzoni and written by me. All opinions are 100% mine. Have you seen Ronzoni Gluten Free™ Pasta on store shelves? I have, and until recently I wasn’t sure what to think. In case you’re in the same boat, I want to share my experience with you. The pasta is made […]


Potato Latkes


I realize that Hanukkah is over, but thinking about it last week reminded me of potato latkes. While they are traditionally served during Hanukkah, they’re great food any day for anyone who eats potatoes. Most potato latke recipes include flour. To make them gluten free, I used rice flour and starchy russet potatoes to help […]


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