Potato Chowder


One of the things I love about cold weather is eating soup. This is one of our favorite soups. Truly, every member of my family really likes it, and I have extended family who enjoy it too. With sausage and potato in it, you can serve it as a main dish, and if you have meat […]

Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup

This fall favorite butternut squash soup recipe was originally shared four years ago. It’s such a delicious, classic soup, I wanted to bring it back. Even if you’re not a big fan of squash, you might like this creamy soup. I have found that butternut squash soup is one of my favorite soups.  You can […]

Asparagus Soup


Asparagus is one spring vegetable that many of us look forward to. Unfortunately, it might not be a favorite with your kids. Sometimes, changing the look of a vegetable and mixing it with other foods makes kids more willing to try it. That’s exactly what’s done with this asparagus soup, and one of my kids […]

Split Pea Soup (Slow Cooker)


You don’t have to love peas to love this slow cooker split pea soup.  I know because I don’t like peas, but I do honestly enjoy this soup. I first learned to like split pea soup when my husband bought me a pressure cooker. I made this soup for him, not intending to eat any, […]

Beef and Pepperoni Soup


With flavors of pizza, this beef and pepperoni soup is tasty, filling, and comforting. It’s also very easy to put together and it can simmer while you make a salad and bread balls (or French bread rolls) to go with it. I like to have a low carb soup like this that I can eat […]

Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup

It’s October. I know, I should be posting a pumpkin recipe. But this blog reflects my life, and I happen to have a bumper crop of tomatoes ripening this month. And maybe a few of you have a source of juicy fresh tomatoes too. Besides, the weather is perfect for a bowl of tomato soup. […]

Avocado Spinach Soup

Avocado Spinach Soup

The following is a guest post from my friend Heather of Gluten-Free Cat. Summer is the perfect time for cold soups. They’re cool and refreshing, easy to make, packed with healthy ingredients, and can be served from fridge to bowl in a matter of seconds. Here’s one of my favorite cold creamy soups: avocado spinach […]

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