Italian Sausage with Quinoa and Broccoli


This Italian Sausage with Quinoa and Broccoli is very similar to my Italian Sausage and Pasta recipe. Both recipes include broccoli and are a one-dish, stove-top meal that is perfect for summer. If you don’t eat grains, but do eat quinoa, which is technically a seed and often called a pseudo-grain, then this recipe is […]

Pork Chops (Slow Cooker)


This slow cooker pork chops recipe is from my friend Danielle. As will all her recipes, it’s absolutely delicious. It’s also quick and easy. It’s made with spices you probably already have on hand and only takes about four hours in your crock pot. Some slow cooker recipes are best left to the cooler months […]

Paleo Sausage Balls


Since I eliminated grains from my diet, I try to find ways to adapt recipes that aren’t primarily grain based. These paleo sausage balls are an example. While they use a fair amount of flour, sausage is the main ingredient. Sausage balls are great for breakfast, snacking, appetizers, or served as part of dinner, and […]

Homemade Breakfast Sausage

Homemade Breakfast Sausage

I don’t eat pork very often, but I really enjoy bacon and breakfast sausage.  However, I don’t like all the ingredients in processed meats and I like to eat pork that comes from farm raised, grazing pigs. This homemade breakfast sausage is the perfect solution for me.  I can pick up ground pork from my […]

Breakfast Casserole with Sausage and Oats


Son:  “What’s that?” Husband: “Try it.  It’s good.  It doesn’t look great, but it’s got sausage and eggs and oatmeal. And it’s good. Try it.” I was glad to hear that this breakfast casserole was going over so well with my husband.  It’s really a combination of baked oatmeal and a more classic breakfast casserole which uses […]

Grilled Honey Mustard Smoked Sausage Kebabs

Grilled Kebabs | Gluten-Free Menu Plan

Grilled kebabs can be fun, and kids in particular seem to like them.  Assembling food on the skewers is a great way to get the kids involved in cooking, especially boys who like anything that’s similar to a sword.  Just be sure to supervise.  The skewers are sharp. Speaking of skewers, there are two types.  […]

Rice Casserole with Bacon and Spinach


Serving spinach at my house takes a little creativity at times.  My family will eat it, but it has to be mixed with other tasty ingredients. That can mean adding a little fresh spinach to a tossed salad that has plenty of other vegetables they enjoy, or adding cooked spinach to a casserole.  They also […]

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